Developing Your “Sixth Sense”

New Online Course & Community

All of the information you could ever need lies within you.
“One who looks outside, dreams. One who looks inside, awakens.”
― Carl Jung

This is game-changing information sure to break you out of the matrix.

Learn how to tap into your innate gifts and consciously perceive the non-physical information all around you. This course includes all of the foundational knowledge and practices for developing your innate extra-sensory abilities and more.
It’s super natural!

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Learn How to:

  • Perceive and Interpret Non-Physical Information Around You
  • Be a Clear Channel & Find your Unique Style of Clairvoyance
  • Get into ‘Trance’ States Ideal for Clairvoyant Work on Demand
  • Directly Channel your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, & Angels
  • Communicate with your Body, Nature, & the Creator
  • Spiritual Discernment
  • Fundamental Information on the Quantum Field, Akashic Records, and Hermetic Principles
  • Practical and Daily Uses of this Information for Healing, Creating, and Assisting Humanity
  • Bonus Techniques: Energetic Shielding & Transmuting Emotional Pain
  • And Many More Teachings Along the Way!

Lifetime Access to Support Community

Included is an invitation to join our online community of growing clairvoyants. Here you can freely share your experiences, observations, questions, and feedback in a private platform and receive all of the inspiration, encouragement, and information you need. This community is active on Slack.

Monthly Zoom Meetings

You will be invited to a monthly Zoom Call in which I meet with all of the community to discuss any questions or information.

Direct Messages to Instructor

Through Slack and E-mail I am available to discuss with you directly any questions or queries you may have throughout the course.

This knowledge is more important than ever as we are being asked to step into our Spiritual Sovereignty and Power.