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Snake medicine 🐍

“It is said that no tree can reach to heaven if its roots are not firmly planted in hell.” -Carl Jung

“As above, so below.”

A message to learn to deeply honor your own organic “darkness”… Your primal nature, your hidden aspects, your shadowy textures, your fears, your weaknesses, your human-ness, your uncomfortable confusing emotions when they arise just as much as honoring when your Light arises.. your joy, your freedom, your strength, your clarity, your courage, your bliss, your spirit.

For it is the merging of these two polarities that creates expansion of consciousness in the incredible mystery school that is planet Earth. It is the remarkable soul growth that comes of this expansion that made you want to come incarnate down here in the first place. And it is so worth it.

Like man and woman make a baby; like positive and negative charge make electricity: the relationship of your Higher Self and your Lower Self is what makes life on Earth so juicy and delicious for souls eager to grow immensely.

Because of duality, man has suffered greatly. Trying to cling to one or the other polarity, rather than understanding the wisdom of both in harmony, eternally dancing.

The key is not “getting over” your inner darkness/unconsciousness as if it were an obstacle. What you resist, persists.. the more you deny/hate these parts of you, the more they will control you. 

Rather, accept these lower parts as the essential primal force for expanding the higher Light/consciousness you really are. 

We must learn to have reverence for this “dark” part of ourselves, as it’s the transformation of it that allows us to expand our beautiful LIGHT further. 


Loving yourself just as much through the pain, the fun, the breakdowns, the breakthroughs, the fear, the courage, the strength, the “mistakes”, through it all… Allowing yourself to feel ALL of it, knowing that it is ALL ultimately unfolding for your greatest and highest good always.

Enjoying the human journey for the multidimensional roller coaster of internal expansion that it is 


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