Vonu Podcast: Spiritual Self-Liberation

Hello beautiful friends! I had the amazing opportunity to join the Vonu Podcast with Shane on the Spiritual Self-Liberation Series! Truly an exciting and encouraging conversation, I highly recommend joining in and picking up some valuable diamond nuggets of information! For those who haven’t heard of the Vonu Podcast… if you are interested in innovativeContinue reading “Vonu Podcast: Spiritual Self-Liberation”


You are inherently, infinitely valuable because you were created in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. To know this is the truest wealth on Earth. Remember that! 🙏 Audio gets weird around a minute in, but clears up after another minute ✨ Infinite love and gratitude, thanks for listening 💚

How to Integrate Fragmented Aspects of Yourself

Integration of Fragmented Aspects of Self There are many ancient spiritual teachings and practices concerning “fragmented” aspects of ourselves. Many shamans practice “soul-retrieval” for holistic healing. In psychology, we see that “split personalities” are very real, and manifest in ways that aren’t always obvious or extreme. But what does this really mean for the individual?Continue reading “How to Integrate Fragmented Aspects of Yourself”

Game Changer: Emotional Health Hacks

In a sane world, one of the first things we would have all been taught as children is how to deal with our emotions in a truly healthy way. Unfortunately, we are often conditioned to do the opposite: ignore, resist, project, or repress our emotions. There is no doubt this has had an extreme consequenceContinue reading “Game Changer: Emotional Health Hacks”

Feeling Intense Emotions? You’re Not Being Punished, You’re Being Set Free

When we are the conscious observer of our selves, we are able to witness our limiting beliefs, unconscious automatic programs, and trapped emotions. They are coming up not to punish you, but to give you the chance to see them for the first time consciously so you can CHOOSE otherwise. Only when see SEE themContinue reading “Feeling Intense Emotions? You’re Not Being Punished, You’re Being Set Free”

Activate Your Clairvoyance: New Online Course & Community

Developing Your “Sixth Sense” New Online Course & Community All of the information you could ever need lies within you.“One who looks outside, dreams. One who looks inside, awakens.”― Carl Jung This is game-changing information sure to break you out of the matrix.Learn how to tap into your innate gifts and consciously perceive the non-physical information allContinue reading “Activate Your Clairvoyance: New Online Course & Community”