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This course was designed lovingly by my Higher Self to assist others in catalyzing their innate spiritual gifts and ‘extra-sensory’ abilities. You will interact with many powerful teachings, practices, and perhaps best of all a beautiful and supportive community to share your experiences with! Click here for more information.

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You are inherently, infinitely valuable because you were created in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. To know this is the truest wealth on Earth. Remember that! 🙏 Audio gets weird around a minute in, but clears up after another minute ✨ Infinite love and gratitude, thanks for listening 💚

How to Integrate Fragmented Aspects of Yourself

Integration of Fragmented Aspects of Self There are many ancient spiritual teachings and practices concerning “fragmented” aspects of ourselves. Many shamans practice “soul-retrieval” for holistic healing. In psychology, we see that “split personalities” are very real, and manifest in ways that aren’t always obvious or extreme. But what does this really mean for the individual? … Continue reading How to Integrate Fragmented Aspects of Yourself