Transforming the Darkness was created to be an inspiration of what is infinitely possible by tapping into the Living God Within and walking the path of Heart towards who we truly are.

Regan’s mission is to inspire, uplift, and empower humanity through the high teachings of Unconditional Love, Wisdom, and Power.

Here you will find healing and alchemical techniques, transformational key codes, empowering practices, lived wisdom and knowledge, original music and poetry, and activating energetic services straight from the heart.

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Quantum Alchemy Healing & Vision Quest

Designed to deeply relax, protect, transmute negative energies (via Violet Flame), and take you on an inner journey to explore &receive direct messages from your Higher Self & Guides.. all in one simple guided mediation! Enjoy~

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Transformation Flow🐍Snake and Bird Medicine🦅Merging Polarities☯️

Snake medicine  “It is said that no tree can reach to heaven if its roots are not firmly planted in hell.” -Carl Jung “As above, so below.” A message to learn to deeply honor your own organic “darkness”… Your primal nature, your hidden aspects, your shadowy textures, your fears, your weaknesses, your human-ness, your uncomfortable … Continue reading Transformation Flow🐍Snake and Bird Medicine🦅Merging Polarities☯️