Building the New Earth

Expanding consciousness to create the future

MY stOry

Regan Keely

Greetings beloveds!

I’m here to be a vessel for love and creation on Earth. To inspire, encourage, and expand the infinite creative possibilities of life.

My goal is to push the front lines of spiritual awareness as we all awaken to our innate gifts.

Discover New Abilities

A collection of energetic knowledge, spiritual wisdom, holistic health, and creativity.

Conscious Creation


The first step to conscious creation is becoming aware of programmed trauma and healing the mental and emotional wounds of the past.


As we take back our sovereignty, The healing and integration of our “shadows” creates divine power within: a transmutation of lead into gold.


We exit the matrix and step into the unlimited, where we are infinitely empowered by the clear expansion of our intentions.

The Time is Now

The call to all lightworkers to activate!

Transforming the Darkness is a space dedicated to sharing music, musings, healing tips, and more than anything a place for sharing knowledge about true creation.

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