A deeper description of what a HSP Training or Reiki Session with me is like

Reiki Session

If you are looking for more information on what Reiki is in general, please click here.

With every long-distance Reiki session, I will offer a free consultation where we can discuss general things like your health, intentions, goals, expectations and so on.

Each session and each client is always unique and different. My aim is for you to be as comfortable as possible, and so the format in how we work is always flexible. Generally, long-distance sessions are done over Skype (or video meeting platform of your choice). This is not necessary (your name and a picture will do if you’d prefer more privacy) but I feel the face-to-face connection usually allows for a better experience. That said, this is how a typical session will go:

1. Catch up and discuss any pertinent energetic information; listen; hold space
2. Fulfill Reiki energetic healing session
3. Share helpful messages that came through during session
4. Discuss session and any other questions/queries

I am also happy to send e-mails afterwards discussing the session and the messages/information that came through for you.

A session usually lasts an hour, more or less.

The goal is to not only help you heal and enhance your spiritual bodies, but also help you to develop your abilities to perceive and heal yourself without the need for an outside healer.

I charge $55 for a session as energy healing is my livelihood. However, if you feel you really would like to try Reiki and work with me, please contact me and I am happy to work something out for you.

HSP Development Training

Everyone is “clairvoyant”: everyone is blessed with spiritual gifts, abilities, and talents. HSP is the ability to see, hear, feel, and know information beyond your physical senses (i.e.. electromagnetic energy fields, multi-dimensional beings, ethereal visions, prophecies etc.). This can be receiving intuitive information or “downloads” in many forms from higher sources that help greatly in healing and creating your highest reality.

As I said, all are gifted with divine abilities and the more you focus on your connection to God/Self and intend on aligning with these abilities, the more they will begin to come into your awareness. It is a completely natural and inevitable process.

That said, I have been working on developing my HSP for the past 8 years (since I was a teenager), having self-studied and practiced many different techniques. I have also had teachers that helped me greatly. Because of this I am able to help share many exercises, techniques, practices, and stories that are very helpful to those seeking to develop not only their seeing, but their freedom in navigating “beyond the veil”.

So in these sessions there will also be a free consultation involved in discussing your individual intentions, experiences, and goals. From there I can give you specific exercises and information that will help you to deepen your spiritual “sight”.

The more you develop your HSP, the more you will have the freedom to heal and create your reality by your own free-will. It is an extremely exciting and delightfully surprising journey.

Important “Disclaimer”:

It is very important to remember that ultimately only YOU can truly heal, educate, and develop yourself. Even if you have a healer or teacher acting as a guide or catalyst, it is always you truly doing the work. If it is your will to heal and expand your HSP/creative abilities, you simply WILL do it, with an external healer/teacher or not, because it is a natural spiritual process within you.

It is important as ever that as Light Beings we remain Sovereign, self-responsible, honor-free will, and continue to RISE above the old Savior/Victim archetypes of the past that have kept us down. Though it may not always seem like it, we are always gifted with everything we need to carry out our highest intentions and there is a divine timing to when we activate/realize certain gifts of ours. That said, I am only here to be of assistance, acting as a catalyst and vessel of love for those who resonate with my work and feel called to work with me.
In essence, these sessions seek to create a true co-creation dynamic for all involved.