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Regan Keely is a Reiki Master Healer/Teacher, Musician, Writer, and Artist. She established Transforming the Darkness in 2018 as a platform for inspiring humanity through spiritual health, holistic freedom, and creativity. She began her spiritual journey in 2012 as a teenager recognizing the “backwardness” of the world around her and began looking for answers and solutions to why human systems seemed to be so inverted and infiltrated. This opened the door to many spiritual remembrances, discoveries, channels, and practices that have become indispensable as ever in these times.

Upon discovering so much life-changing knowledge that has been hidden and repressed for ages, she felt the call to share this imperative information with others. From the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself (even from things that modern medicine deems “incurable”), to the powerful creative potential we have as sovereign Beings of Light, to the deep and rich history of humanity and our origins on Earth and beyond the stars, it is her mission to bring disclosure of this empowering information to the light of the collective of humanity so that we may rise out of the slumber of victimhood and up to the awakening of creatorhood.

It is more critical and accelerated than ever, in these times especially, to begin to embark upon the journey of self-discovery and self-mastery, as Earth and her life forms shift from 3D into 5D. Elevated consciousness is more readily available every day to those who seek it- letting go of old egotistical paradigms of fear and separation, and trail-blazing into completely new holistic experiences of multi-dimensional Being. The old systems of the “matrix” as we know it are dissolving, while the opportunity for a ‘New Earth’ based in real love, sovereignty, and divinity is upon us to create. It is the innerstanding and sharing of these principles that has brought many souls here to inspire and uplift humanity for this most spectacular time.

Transforming the Darkness came to be because in this spiritual journey we are called to be brave and confront the unknown. When faced with the darkness and illusions that attempt to haunt us, rather than ignore them or “hate” them, we must transform them in ourselves to truly be FREE. We must shine a light on it. When we are able to transform these shadows, not only do we heal, but incredible blessings and unique gifts emerge out of them.

She hopes to help contribute in building this beautiful new Earth and community of Light through spreading authenticity, knowledge, creativity, beauty, and LOVE.

Love is the most powerful vibration. Not just romantic love- the infinite, healing, creative, expansive, powerful, archaic, eternal force that created us and continues to create through us every day. Humanity is at the most exciting point of evolution and ascension in vibration, as each blessed individual makes the conscious decision to no longer live in this world as a victim but thrive in the new Earth as a creator with infinite potential-as is the destiny and birth right of the Sovereign, Loved, Beautiful Creators we are created to be.

Here you will find inspiring talks, articles, original music, poetry, art, and holistic healing services from my heart to yours.

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God bless You!

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