Regan Keely

Hello wonderful beings and thank you for being here!

My name is Regan Keely.

I am here to share my divine gifts and inspiration to beautiful humanity. I am a natural healer and channeler and use these God-given gifts in the highest and greatest ways I am called to.

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, writer, and musician. I have been doing Reiki since 2018 and every single session has been a profound experience for me in which I can learn more about this beautiful, multi-dimensional experience of life and the infinite love that is truly possible for all of us. I also love to write, as you can see from my blog, about many different topics of awakening, holistic health, high-vibrational recipes, song-writing, spiritual techniques, and freedom to name a few.

I have a YouTube channel where I share a lot of the messages I get from my heart, as well as the music and inner healing techniques that are game-changers for me.

I absolutely love music! I play guitar, sing, and am learning to play the harp. Like many, music has saved me many times and tuning into the energy of music and participating in it is so healing and transformative it astonishes me daily.

Though I am a hermit by nature, one of my greatest joys now is connecting and building community with like-minded and like-hearted souls that are seeking to come together and build for themselves a world of integrity, freedom, love, peace, and joy for all. I know this is possible, and truly inevitable, for humanity as we continue to expand our consciousness and better OURSELVES from the inside, to create a better world on the outside.

Ultimately, nothing in this world could be more meaningful to me than watching humanity awaken to who they really are: the infinite, powerful, multi-dimensional, sovereign LOVE. We are children of God/Universe and we are here for a far deeper reason than any of us can yet even know. As we break through the old paradigms of mind-control, we uncover deeper self-worth, abundance, love, purpose, and joy than we ever knew we had. Though spiritual awakening can be intense and rough at times… it is ALWAYS worth it!!

My Mission on Earth: To evolve myself to my highest potential while assisting humanity.. and having FUN doing it!!

If this resonates with you, please feel free to check out my work, book a session, and join our beautiful community of exceptional sovereign loving beings that are changing the world from the inside out!

God bless You with the Highest Love!

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