Holistic health means balanced wellness in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your being, all of which are inevitably correlated.

The unparalleled rise of chronic pain and illness in our society is all but encouraging. Furthermore, the conventional approach of medicine is becoming concerningly destructive and expensive.

Fortunately, new information is beginning to break through that allows us to see both illness and medicine in a new way that can empower us unlike ever before.

As we begin to look at the human being holistically, we discover new methods of healing and transformation, both physically and psychologically. This is often challenging work, but worthwhile.

Part of transforming the darkness is studying the mind-body connection. For human beings are far more complex than mere chemicals; we are consciousness. Beyond the immense ability we have to hurt ourselves, we have the infinite ability to heal ourselves.

Even further than studying the mind-body connection, is studying more subtle yet powerful connections, such as the Human Energy Field (HEF) or also called the Biofield: the energy field that surrounds the body and is scientifically shown on atomic and subatomic levels to store meaningful information.

These greater dimensions of information show us how emotions, memories, thoughts, and many other forms of energy are stored in and around our body and effect our lives more than many may realize and are often the cause for disease.

This is a study and practice where science and spirit begin to merge, as we create true healing results out of very real, non-physical phenomena.

As individuals begin to empower themselves through such techniques of self-discovery, we create a grand ripple for all humanity on a decentralized and sustainable level. For we learn to forgive, to move forward with ourselves and others, and to create amazing possibilities we never previously fathomed.

This work is associated with more than energy healing or Reiki alone, for it encompasses a broad spectrum of qualities to be cultivated: knowledge, wisdom, clear reasoning, joy, lifestyles consistent with our values, nutrition, creativity, psychic abilities, and a higher awareness of this magnificent life.

This being said, Transforming the Darkness is a space for realizing solutions, creative ideas, empowering practices, and cultivating the mighty force of love.

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