Regan Keely

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Regan Keely is a Reiki Master Healer/Teacher, Musician, Writer, and Artist. She established Transforming the Darkness in 2018 as a platform for inspiring humanity through spiritual health, holistic freedom, and creativity. She began her spiritual journey in 2011 as a teenager recognizing the “backwardness” of the world around her and began looking for answers and solutions to why human systems seemed to be so inverted and infiltrated. This opened the door to many spiritual remembrances, discoveries, and practices that have become indispensable as ever in these times.

Regan has been active in the liberty movement for years, seeking real, non-political solutions towards the destructive problems that have sabotaged humanity’s greatest potential for thousands of years. While the transformation of old systems that no longer serve humanity into optimal and peaceful ones still remains important, she began to realize that all real change must start from within the Self: individually and collectively. Consciousness must truly evolve within to see a more harmonious and free world without.

With the goal of merging the truther movement and spiritual community, she seeks to contribute a knowingness in our powerful ability to transform the fear, ignorance, and pain of the past world into the wisdom, strength, and understanding of our current destiny through the invincible power of the unconditional LOVE that is infinitely alive within us all.

Transforming the Darkness came to be because in this spiritual journey we are called to be brave and confront the unknown. When faced with the darkness and illusions that attempt to haunt us, rather than ignore them or “hate” them, we must transform them in ourselves to truly be FREE. We must shine a light on it. When we are able to transform these shadows, not only do we heal, but incredible blessings and unique gifts emerge out of them.

She hopes to help contribute in building this beautiful new Earth and community of Light through spreading authenticity, knowledge, creativity, beauty, and LOVE.

Love is the most powerful vibration. Not just romantic love- the infinite, healing, creative, expansive, powerful, archaic, eternal force that created us and continues to create. Humanity is at the most exciting point of evolution and ascension in vibration, as each blessed individual makes the conscious decision to no longer live in this world as a victim but thrive in the new Earth as a creator with infinite potential-as is the destiny and birth right of the Sovereign, Loved, Beautiful Creators we are created to be.

Here you will find inspiring articles, original music, poetry, art, and holistic healing services from my heart to yours.

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