True Rebellion of Self-Expression

Let us speak and shine our hearts authentic truth no matter how hard it may be-

we were created to be FREE.

Break the programming of a matrix that has tried to force all into seperate, unrealistic boxes. Programming that has attempted to sever us from who we REALLY are- but we could never be seperate from who we are-

Allowing this higher light to come out and shine is what empowers us to prevail over all illusions of the ever-dissolving matrix and continue to anchor in the new paradigm. We all have gifts; and as we can strengthen ourselves to share them with the world we continue to activate and actualize this evolution.

It is our choice: to live in fear or to live in courage. The latter is the truly proactive choice- not only in the invoking of peace but in transforming even the most difficult challenges.

I invite you to push your comfort zone when it comes to being YOURSELF; truly being the creative vulnerable weirdo you are to find that you are in fact, empowered to an infinite degree. The truth is always found in the heart. And, as they say, the truth shall always set you free.

There is infinitely powerful love within you.

“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.”
-Brené Brown

Thanks for listening~Much love to you all!

Biohacks of Vibration: Elevating Emotion (Theory & Exercise)

They say mind over matter; I would go as far as to say matter IS mind.

In this article I wish to share a simple, yet profound exercise for raising your vibration and improving your daily life.

“Until one makes the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” -Carl Jung

New Breakthroughs in Medicine

It is a marvelous time of discovery in the field of medicine and science. While the conventional field of medicine may seem demoralizing, it is the innovative doctors releasing empowering and cutting-edge science that are truly transforming the way we understand not only health and illness, but our creative potential entirely.

It is no mystery that much of the mainstream medical field has been hijacked by vested interests and dominated by dogmas that are harmfully political. This is becoming more obvious as time goes on-however, we need not be bitter. For by turning our focus to the cutting-edge work of doctors such as Joe DispenzaBruce Lipton, and Jerry Tennant (just to name a few) the potentials for medicine have never been more bright. They are helping common people to do the uncommon. They are shining a light- both esoterically and scientifically- upon the body’s innate ability to heal itself as well as predictable formulas in how to achieve this. They are coming to find, and prove scientifically, how consciousness and vibration are at the root of our health. By understanding this and more importantly practicing uplifting exercises in our vibration we will empower ourselves more than ever before. Dispenza alone has countless testimonials of healing illnesses that conventional medicine has deemed incurable. His work has saved lives, healed diseases, and helped to create new possibilities for people.

This information is bound to come more and more to the surface of humanity, proving many deep truths about our ability to heal ourselves. I don’t believe it can be reported on enough at this time. The information is so vital, so empowering, and so meaningful that it is truly igniting a revolution in the hearts of a race that has fallen victim to needless illness and suffering for all too long.

The wisdom of healing is rooted in a spiritual nature-for it is almost always the result of trapped emotional/mental energy in the body that is resonating at a lower vibration. It is often subconscious programming we picked up along our journeys- i.e. traumatic experiences we have not healed from. This is a deep truth we have known for a while esoterically, but it is becoming more clear in a way that is scientifically observable in the many brain scans that Dispenza has measured throughout his years of practice. Furthermore, nothing can speak as much as the miraculous testimonies of real individuals.

In this article, I want to share a technique for raising your vibration that is very simple, yet is powerful enough to transform your life if practiced sincerely and consistently. It is one of the greatest techniques I have learned to transform my experience from feeling victimized to feeling truly unlimited.

Cultivating Elevated Emotions in the Present

There is a lot to be said about the importance of how you feel in each moment. Your emotions produce the quality of your overall experience. The mind functions in greater flow when you are feeling freedom, inspiration, or wholeness, for example. Elevated feeling naturally leads to more clarity in creativity and problem solving. Even biologically, you are sending signals to entire body based upon how you feel. This is why stress is truly the #1 killer. Being in survival mode (fear, anxiety, depression, resentment, guilt, etc.) for a prolonged period of time does a number on all of the body’s systems. Perhaps worst of all, when a highly stressful state is sustained long enough your body will become addicted to the stress hormones and begin to create a loop of negative thought forms and emotions that can be hard to break. Certainly, in this day and age, we have all experienced this to some degree.

All of these examples are interconnected as energy and vibration manifesting from our consciousness. Which brings me to the greatest point: our internal experience is extremely important to focus upon raising. In fact, in only raising the vibration of how we are feeling in each moment, we will naturally bring wholeness and coherence to all areas of our life.

In and of itself, this upgrade will obviously bring a greater reality to you internally. You will feel better, think better, produce better signals for you biology, make better decisions, practice more love in your life. But what is more is that it will also begin to attract higher experiences to your outwardly-as this is the universal law of attraction and vibration at play. We must cultivate a higher internal experience to create a higher external experience.

This is a biohack in which we can heal, change, and transform our lives from the inside out. Instead of being unwitting victims to the concoction of our environment and our subconscious programming (usually saturated with self-sabotaging programs), we can take back our free-will by becoming conscious creators of our destiny. I believe this is one of the most incredible journeys to embark upon-bringing deep healing, transformation, and wisdom in each step.

That being said-if we can learn to cultivate elevated emotions and thoughts within us independently of our external environment, we can begin to work some real alchemical miracles in our lives. We can begin to consciously decide to feel peace instead of fear, happiness instead of depression, good fortune instead of poverty, and so on. As we cultivate these emotional experiences within ourselves, they will naturally align for us in the material realm. This is a truth that is seen time and time again by those who decide to put in the consistent effort into themselves and their state of being(their vibration). Despite the programming society has conditioned in us, we ARE worthy of consistent effort and we can and will re-claim our creative sovereignty back from the illusions of helpless victimhood.

One could indeed write a whole book upon the importance of feeling coherent in each moment. Many have. Nonetheless, let us get to the exercise I mentioned at the beginning which is indeed the most important part. If you understand your thoughts/feelings create your reality but don’t practice raising your vibration, you’re not likely to experience the liberation that information has the potential to bring. It is your will to put the effort into your life through the practice.

A Living Meditation: Consciously Invoking Love into Your Field

As I said before-this is an incredibly simple practice. But it is often that the simplest things are the hardest. Since that seems to be true, if you find it hard or abstract to do this work, I encourage you to keep practicing as not only is the consistency the most important key, but like anything you will get much better at it every time you practice it. To reap the benefits of this, you will have to stick with it. Since most of us carry more burdens of stress than we realize, there is usually a process of clearing out old negative/static energy before truly entering a state of bliss. That being said, don’t let me define or project your experience. I simply wish to make the point: practice, practice, practice! Be encouraged! For it is worth it all and more.

The core of the practice is:
Become aware of your heart center.
Focus your awareness upon the heart (where your focus goes, your energy flows!) in your chest, imagining the space in which it resides.
As you breathe deeply through your heart, begin to cultivate an elevated emotion.
Begin thinking about an intention such as gratitude, peace, love, joy, freedom, inspiration, wholeness, abundance, compassion, etc. and allow yourself to FEEL it.
Focus on this elevated feeling within you as long as you feel comfortable.
Begin to expand your loving awareness beyond the heart into the energetic field around the heart.
Stay present with the elevated emotion-as it is extremely powerful.


  • The more you practice, the easier it will get to call up an emotion such as this and allow it to bless your current state of being, regardless of how stressed you may have been before focusing.
  • Once could take this further by trying this practice not just with the 4th Energy Center (Heart Chakra) but go through all energy centers, starting at the root and charging them and the space around them with this elevated emotion.
  • For visual types it can be helpful to also visualize the brilliant light you are invoking.
  • This meditation is not set in stone- feel free to get creative and play with it!


This practice is really helpful for starting off the day right, getting into a deep meditation, relaxing after a long day, getting into the creative zone, resolving issues in relationships, and so much more. While it is a meditation, it is something you can do while you’re driving to work or walking your dog. It is a matter of becoming aware of the present moment and consciously breathing elevated emotion into the sacred heart center until you feel whole. I practice it every morning and night, and make it a point to breathe love into my heart all throughout the day whenever it crosses my mind.

The results this has had for me personally is beyond words. It was a bit weird at first because I became aware of how often my emotions were fluctuating throughout the day, and how reactive my emotional state was to my outer environment. This was frustrating sometimes, but I was determined to persevere until I started feeling an opening in my heart unlike anything I’d ever experienced before- and that was just the beginning.

Since I’ve been practicing this everyday I have increased my heart and brain coherence greatly. It has been the key to unlock the door of the many things I’ve always had a lot of resistance with. I am able to make better health decisions much easier, I am able to pick up my guitar and start playing without getting blocked, I am able to overcome social anxiety/awkwardness, I am able to visualize and meet my goals with much greater clarity, and overall I attract completely new, unexpected opportunities into my life. Hence, why I wish to share this information, because such a simple hack like this in daily life has empowered me so much, and I am just getting started.

I wish the same for all of you in re-claiming your inner wholeness and free-will to create your own destiny-rather than being created by it.

Gratitude and love beyond words to you all~

Heart Transmissions to Nourish

Regan Keely

Greetings beloved beings of near and far lands.
I always tend to write poems in threes, and I felt called to share them with you all.
Heart transmissions to nourish.
Hope they resonate with you in these ever accelerating times.
Much love.

Invoking the highest truth

Learning through
cycles of creation.

What a joy it is-
clarification processes of
heart’s true desires.

Wholeness, harmony, joy-
Blessings abound.
New stories to be told.

A story of a Being
far, far away
right here, right now.

I’ve crawled, I’ve climbed, I’ve walked, I’ve ran
only to arrive
right here, right now.

I am seeing new visions-
I tell you.

A new timeline, a new world.
Right here, right now.

It was not the outside that changed,
but the inside
that has transformed the entire picture.

My soul constantly tells me:

consciousness must precede
physical manifestation.

A wise man once said:
We hover…

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The Art of Life

Conscious Experience is an Art

Life is a multi-dimensional and ever-expanding piece of grand art for humans, the gifted artists, to create in any fashion they so freely choose. We are maestros of the symphony that is our personal experience; our thoughts and feelings are our conductor’s batons.

So far in this work of art we seem to be toddlers, not entirely sure what or how to create but creating nonetheless. It isn’t uncommon these days for man to feel unhappy with the portrait he has drawn for himself, and wondered why it hasn’t turned out the way he would prefer.

Metaphorically speaking, man wants lush beaches, warm sunshine, peaceful meadows, majestic mountains and yet he is haunted by empty fields, burning cities, hopeless wastelands. Ultimately it is his choice what ideas he decides to occupy his mind with. If he can’t believe in his ability to build a stable home he will, much to his frustration, continuously create dilapidated houses. In many cases of strife in his art, man believes that though he is deciding to make misery, he is choosing it on the base of what has been argued “realistic” by his culture. It is believed in modern society we must be “realistic” in our art, or else we may be laughed at for our creation. Or if he is really lost in the sauce, he won’t even realize that his creation is his choice at all.

More often that not, man doesn’t even realize he is entirely creating his piece of art. For he has been told since childhood that it is the priests, the governments, the academic authorities, the unseen forces that must make the decisive arrangements for him. And indeed, if so allowed, they sure will. And so he believes his art is the gloomy mural that was involuntarily bestowed to him in his fate, and he must always look upon it and perpetuate it as those around him do. He doesn’t believe in his power to create his life and so he has forfeited his circumstances to whatever his environment influences upon him. He becomes an unwitting victim of his own creation, and since he created it, it is completely true to him. He defends it closely, no matter how much pain it may bring him to bear. After all, it is his creation.

Contrary to his dogmas, he is completely free to change his own creation at any time. He may transform the barren field into an orchard of great fruits. He may re-tune the empty static into a rich melody. He may even entirely scrap the old story and begin a new chapter by his own will. With an intentional flick of the pen, he could plot-twist his tragedy into a heroic adventure, a love story, a comedy, a rich and colorful new scene of deep exploration.

But something keeps him-for he has known the ways of his hell for so long that it brings him a strange comfort in his despair. His bitterness towards life has seduced him. Perhaps it is the anxiety of the unknown, the judgement of his peers, the fear of his own power, his addiction to his doubt, and/or many other strange experiences that the ego of human beings is so intimately fond of.

Based on no reasoning but his own illusions, he refutes the idea that he created any of this himself and that any of his art, which he can’t stop desperately staring at, is his responsibility at all. He is in a paradox. Why would he choose to create songs of intolerable dissonance? He is convinced that it is others that have smeared his beautiful music, and if he has been weak enough to allow it, then he is surely unworthy of a fresh canvas anyways. Besides, the fact that he has created his own pain, his own setbacks, his own poverty, his own illness, is absolutely preposterous to him, for he has no conscious recollection of ever even scripting that into his play. He looks at the disheartened art around him and decides that he is normal; he is just the victim of an unfair life as much as anyone else. And so he continues to feel justified in his belief of himself as the victim of a degrading story, looping and materializing this reality into his existence.

This is the experience of modern humanity’s belief systems in a nutshell.

Beliefs Create Form


“Your world is a living expression of how you are using and have used your mind.” -Earl Nightingale

In this world, our beliefs are our utensils and our lives are our canvas.

In simple terms there is no doubt, logically and intuitively, that we are master creators of our own experience. What we believe, we create. This is a crystal clear truth for those who have used it for their success, and as more can see it, the more humanity will evolve to new heights. For changing your reality is only as difficult as you believe it to be. When we sincerely understand the thought-constructive nature of the universe and the massive role of the subconscious mind, we will know how to stop looping self-sabotage. We will comprehend our ability to create fulfillment. This is the way of the new paradigm of free humans.

We can already see solutions arise as innovative minds discover new possibilities. In the study of epigenetics, biologists show it is not the genes that control our fate, but the environments of the genes that are the true builders of your cellular community (aka your body). The environment of your genes (i.e. your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, etc.) are what directly give the information to the 50 trillion cells in your body that decide how to use these genes, not the genes themselves. Subconsciously or consciously, YOU are the operator of your DNA. And so it is that you change your thoughts, you change your life. In the cutting edge work of Dr. Bruce Lipton, he makes it clear that we are not victims of our reality, but we are creators of it.

The enslavement on this planet has been less physical as it has been psychological; for the mind is the root of all material manifestation. It is then no mystery why humanity’s creative capacity has been harnessed by those who wish to dominate the world and furthermore used against them. After all, if your thoughts and feelings weren’t such powerful fuel for creation, why would everyone want to control them so bad? We cannot overlook the fact that many of our beliefs are not our own, and when it comes down to the official stories of the world we’ve been given, we know very little about who we really are. Our deep-rooted and usually subconscious ideas of ourselves and others control our destiny. Until we take the initiative to become aware of these deep-seated (or should I say deep-seeded) dogmas and transform them, they will decide the way our art form takes place. As Carl Jung wisely said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Nonetheless, let it be known that one need not feel guilty for contributing to the casualties of their society. For it is only the realization of this great truth and the practices it contains to change everything: first individually and eventually collectively. One small flame of awareness is enough to light an entire cave, and inspire others to take to their own matches. The momentum of this illumination is the guide of human evolution.

We Are Masters of Reality

A human being isn’t just any creator, but a mighty one, that is ever-so-slowly awakening again to who he is. He is not the influencer of his fate, but the high-end designer with a tool-kit that is limitless as his spirit.

This is a blatant truth that has been denied and repressed for too long. Ironically, any sincere individual can test what has been called the Law of Attraction themselves to see the substance in these words. Instead of living in fear, dread, grief, or anger you can consciously cultivate an experience of joy, health, peace, enthusiasm. Speaking from direct experience, any being can re-program their beliefs and see the direct results in their life. The outcome is a divine experience in which you firsthand witness the power of your own mind; a discovery so delightful that soon you will be consciously creating more and more joy in your life (and in other’s lives) just because you can, and you know you are inherently worthy. A natural side effect of conscious creation is remembering our origins. This kind of creation could not exist in an unintelligent universe.

That being said, there is no reason to continue to make resentment towards those who have, purposely or unpurposely, sought to hijack our minds. For that is the destructive loop of the old paradigm. More innovatively, we can create minds that are un-hijackable. This is the new paradigm. For a creator who knows his artistic gifts is no match for an ungifted parasite. An aware creator doesn’t have to worry about such weak-minded games, for he is too busy designing his piece of the universe to his ultimate perfection. With the stroke of a brush, he creates happiness. With the notes of a melody, he brings harmony to his community. With the addition of rich colors, he brings health back into his being. With artistic passion for his multi-dimensional piece of art that is his life, he continually adds more reasons to be joyful to his experience. When the contrast of what he doesn’t want arises, he simply uses that new information to refine his creation even more. He pulls a Bob Ross and turns that happy accident into flowers. With the shining of a light, darkness cowers and dissipates. He knows his ability to speak his will into existence is boundless as he believes it to be and takes satisfaction in the never-ending expansion of his highest love.

The dreary portrait of human existence livens richly as creators wake up to their god-given rights of creation- a creation that always starts from the inside and is reflected in the material outside. Earth is a mystery school for our spirit to fine-tune its abilities to express and expand itself through the infinite love as our own creator once did.

The New Paradigm

The devastation we have created has served its purpose of teaching. The new age the Mayans (and many other ancient cultures) prophesied about is here. A radical change is afoot in which on a mass level, we are no longer victims of our illusions but masters of our realities. The awakening is slow but true. We are in a time when our abilities are shifting and accelerating.

I dare say, you can already feel it in the air. Things are changing.

Though we are the artists of our world, make no mistake. We must still learn how to master our tools and the techniques of our trades. Much must be done in the realm of the subconscious mind to see results in the conscious. Fear not, for though the learning of the subconscious mind is far different and less acknowledged than that of the conscious, it is completely realizable for any individual. All it takes is some research on affirmations, meditation, vision boards, belief systems, and above all the practices of willpower, introspection, and mindfulness.

Going Forward

Let me end by giving you this: YOU are a powerful creator, with the ability to experience anything you desire. A trip to Paris, a healthy family, a successful career, a happy life, a work of art. It is not a matter of luck or fortune. It is a matter of knowing your Self; a matter of mastering your mind and will; a matter of releasing doubt and cultivating true self-love.

Overall, it is a matter of de-programming from the self-sabotaging code of an insane society and rewriting your own story in your mind with complete fortitude, consciously and subconsciously. The trick to successful results in your creation is perfecting the alignment of your inner vision with clarity and allowing it to unfold materially. Contrary to popular belief, the universe we live in is unfathomably intelligent, self-aware, and seeking to work with those who wish to work with it. The only limits you have are those you believe in for yourself. De-programming from the old paradigm is a long series of shedding old conceptual barriers that hold you back and consciously re-wiring what YOU want to experience.

So let us take joy in the coming of the new paradigm in which we are the conscious creators of our reality, the composers of our masterpiece, and the movers and the shakers of our world. We came here with purpose: to actualize our gifts and use them for high purposes. Gone are the days of allowing the human race to be degraded and debased by the destructive ego; now is the time of evolution towards meaningful expansion of life.

And so it is.

Thanks for reading. Love to you all~

Performing Miracles and the Human Energy Field: An Introduction

We are conscious creators of reality. We are surrounded by a complex and intelligent field of energy that we are learning to work with. We are capable of self healing and creation far beyond the self-sabotaging belief systems of the old paradigm.

It is my goal to share information and practices that have helped me to further realize and actualize these truths in hopes that it sheds light for others.

Thanks for watching. Love to you all~

Creating the New Paradigm of Free Humans

So, you say you want a revolution?

As we awaken to the truth of the fabricated matrix we have been living in, many of us have been calling for a revolution: an involution, a renegade, a shift, or as I like to call it, a lovelution. We began to hypothetically ponder on what this shift would look like and what the new paradigm it would bring would look like.

That time is here. This is what a paradigm shift looks like.

The great awakening of humanity is upon us. We can see it, we can feel it, and those of us who dare not only believe it but know it to be true. It is no longer hypothetical. This is exciting as it opens up a whole new spectrum of possibilities.

For the question is no longer how to initiate this great change take place but rather, where are we going in this great change? What do we seek to create? How will we as individuals contribute our own piece of the puzzle to this grand time? These are the questions for us to really begin exploring and answering in the way that we live our lives.

There are many grand reasons for why this change is taking place right now. Perhaps the most exciting one has to do with the fact that the individual is finally able to deprogram from the false belief systems we have been conditioned to believe about ourselves: who we really are, our abilities, and our connection to the intelligent universe that we live in. There is a great remembering happening of how powerful we really are as an individual, and as a community of individuals.

The truth about human beings is that we are creators of our reality. We always have been. The difference between the old paradigm and the new one is that we were using our creative abilities mostly unconsciously, for we were programmed for not only self-sabotage but the creation of a false matrix whereas now as we become conscious of our abilities, we can deprogram this and re-program what WE choose to experience, and we can use this information to consciously change not only our own personal lives, but to influence the entire world around us. We really do have this power, we always have.

In agorism, it is not about fighting the old as much as it is about building the new, because that is how the wise really get things done. This principle applies to our energy as well: as we learn to concentrate what we want to create more than what we no longer want to create, we WILL see this reflect in the outer world.

That being said, as conscious creators of the new paradigm, we use our energy to positively influence our own lives and the world around us, leaving a greater energetic imprint than we may realize just by thoughts and feelings we CHOOSE (what vibrations you hold) to cultivate within ourselves.

As I said in my last video, that is why it is actually very important for us to realize and let go of the false, self-defeating programming of pessimism, nihilism, powerlessness, weakness, and so on… for it creates a self-fulfilling failure and it is not realistic. In other words, the only reality it has is the reality WE choose to believe and then create through our own actions and contributions to the collective human field.

So instead of cultivating these low self-fulfilling vibrations, we cultivate HIGH self-fulfilling vibrations. We DO visualize the world we want to see, even if it isn’t here right this second, and that we feel true excitement and belief about not only our ability to create but about our creations themselves. This means daring to visualize the change you wish to see and BELIEVE in its reality, engage in it, feel encouraged because the vision of a free, peaceful humanity IS real, despite what we have been programmed to believe by those who don’t want it to be real.

As conscious creators, we must not be afraid to believe in ourselves, our ability, and what we create with our own awareness because this is going to perpetuate this ongoing momentum for a great change in the collective mind: the mind where all the true power lies. We have the real ability to create a more positive timeline.

That being said, if we want to be creators that are both powerful and consistent in our principles of freedom, peace, and liberty for all, self-discovery is an indispensable tool. For creating a vision for a better world will require that those creating have true wisdom, knowledge, humility, compassion, harmony, and love. These are not just words, these are real forces within us that are going to manifest this beautiful dream. For we are the pioneers of this dream; we are the transitioners between the two paradigms, and so we cannot be morally weak or ignorant if we seek to do this.

What are Going to Create?

So going back to the question, what are we going to do? When you realize the question is no longer hypothetical but very real, what do you plan on doing for your own piece of this grand puzzle? These are ideas I have that anyone can participate in.

The first idea, as I’ve said already, is evolve yourself. De-program from a matrix that is not only disempowering and fatal to the human soul, but completely artificially fabricated and begin to program in your own mind the vibrations you want to be and emanate: peace, wisdom, truth, love, intelligence, intuition, innovation, etc. That is the responsibility of a conscious creator.

Another idea I believe is important to begin to evaluate the vision of community building on small and large levels. This is the art of how we are going to live together in harmony. This is something we all can do, for we all have something to contribute to the new paradigm from all walks of life.

To clarify and affirm, learning to build new communities on principles of harmony, voluntaryism, and efficiency is not hypothetical, it never was and certainly isn’t now. Rather it is a very feasible and important action in a world where people really are starting to question and reject the system we live in now. You can see that people are beginning to reject this system more than ever. But as pioneers of the new paradigm, this takes us back to the idea that we must put much focus on building the new.

For what would happen if the federal system was to completely collapse right now? As relieving as that would be, if there was such little wisdom or education of any other kind of order for us to live together, it would be quite chaotic and quite possibly could descend right back into the same system or worse.

To make this transition better, we can put effort into building local communities up now. For this will demonstrate and educate more than words alone ever could. It is important that more people are educated on building voluntary community, and what better way than to be able to present real life models of voluntary governances. The art of building prosperous and peaceful communities is one that we all have much to learn about, as it is a rather foreign concept to a race that has been enslaved in violent and forced governances for so long.

That said, there are many resources and ideas available on how to begin this effort and in fact it has already begun on both small and grand scales. There already is a market of voluntary governances around the world, for those who look. Before I describe some examples, I believe it is again worth mentioning the importance of wisdom in this endeavor. For too long, anarchists have succumbed to the dividing “black or white” mentality that I feel holds many back.

In the market of voluntary governance, there will be a variety of many different ideas, policies, practices, laws, agreements, and so on. There will never be one way: it is a MARKET and different people will resonate with different ways of living together. There is nothing wrong with that. There must be a freedom for people to create and experiment with different ways of doing things, for that is natural and it will also lead to a system of figuring out the best ways to build community. We learn from the failed models as much as the successful ones. Again, it is a market. The most important principle in the societies of the new paradigm is that participation is completely voluntary and interactions between people and those creating/leading the communities are voluntary, and that individuals are free to leave any time and find one that suits them better.

For example on a large scale, we can find many examples of competitive governance from the startup societies foundation, which finds, studies, connects, and promotes startup socieities all over the world. There are private cities, eco-villages, special economic zones, micro-nations, seasteads, communes, all kinds of ideas. Furthermore, they all have different policies, ranging from very anarcho-capitalist to even socialist. Though I don’t agree with socialism, I have nothing against a community that includes social welfare policies in their system so long as it is voluntary among those living there. What could be better than testing out these ideas in community of people that voluntarily choose to use them, ultimately demonstrating in real life whether or not these ideas could ever work or not?

This is also happening on a small scale in many localities, and is more suitable for most of us. Derrick has mentioned freedom cells and how to begin building your own.

There are many ways for you to build and connect your community, and do not underestimate the power in simple and small acts in bringing people together: whether it be a small town, a city, your neighbors, your family, your loved ones, people in the same niche as you, and so on. The simple act of baking the old lady next door a cake is more effective than voting in a ballot, let alone sitting in your house seething about the lack of community you have. This is what I’m talking about. Because small acts of kindness like these, when repeated by millions of people billions of times, is what is really going to change the world. It is in the hands of the people, and it always has been. A small group of dominating parasites means absolutely nothing when we don’t believe in them anymore, for the true root of power has always been psychological. As we can align with our true selves, raise our vibration, spread it to others, and connect to those around us we are doing meaningful work in building the new paradigm. For we will awaken to the truth, on a mass level eventually, that we can live together peacefully and effectively, without the use of violence.

We are actualizing this shift. All it takes is for more individuals to do their little piece of the puzzle. We are creators, we can visualize this and act to create this. We already are, and the momentum is growing, so feel it! Be inspired! We are the visionaries, the renegades, the pioneers, the crazy truthers, the dreamers, and so on, changing the status quo that has enslaved our people. Don’t be ashamed of it for it is beautiful. And it is REAL: the more you put your energy into building this, the more reality it will take, and with so many more minds opening to it the momentum is exponential.

Thanks for reading!

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Real Satisfaction Starts Within

How can humanity experience the peace and joy they are hungry for? By choosing to resonate at that frequency in each moment and allowing these vibrations to form the correlating external reality. It truly starts within you, fellow conscious creators.

The external is the reflection of the internal. It is one thing to know this information, and a whole new ballgame to begin actually using and practicing it in your life. This is how we manifest our highest dreams. You are worthy!

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Anti-Inflammatory Potion for the Soul!

Chronic inflammation is a root factor of many diseases, from physical to psychological. Inflammation is at an all time high thanks to many lifestyle habits that have become a part of our culture: sugar, refined carbs, stress, additives, harsh chemicals in skin products, environmental toxicity, and many other factors.

It is then very helpful to be aware of what causes inflammation as well as what prevents and heals it. There are many things you can do to connect with and nourish your body, from diet to exercise to meditation.

A Tea to Heal Inflammation and Grow Brain Cells

A recent discovery I made that has helped greatly with inflammation in my body is a simple “potion” I have found and I would like to share. It is like a tea with two main anti-inflammatory ingredients: turmeric and ginger. I have also added Lion’s Mane Extract, a powerful medicine in itself that has proven to help grow new brain cells and stimulate nerve growth. This is a very simple tea to make and to my surprise-has a wonderful flavor as well!


8 oz Hot Filtered Water
1/2 tbs Organic Turmeric Powder
1/2 tbs Organic Ginger Powder
1 tsp Lion’s Main Extract (Optional)
(To Taste) Cream or Almond Milk (Optional)


I make it by putting about half a tablespoon of organic turmeric and a half a tablespoon of organic ginger powder in a mug. I myself add a little more than that, as I like the strong flavor and effects it has on my body. I add a serving of Lion’s Mane extract as well. After that, simply pour hot filtered water into the mug and mix it together. For extra richness, I also like to add a little bit of cream or almond milk.

The outcome is a peppery, spicy tea that warms the soul, prevents inflammation, and works to create new brain cells and nerve growth! I like to drink this tea in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before I go to bed. I like to think I can feel the effects it has almost immediately (I am a sensitive person!).

Extra tips to try:

To really give it a kick, bless the tea before you drink it with an intention. You can do this by putting your hand over it or simply by focusing on the intention that it will nourish you. As we have seen in many scientific experiments such as Masaru Emoto’s water experiment to name just one, our thoughts and feelings do influence the physical realm and the simple act of putting intention in your food and drink can have very beneficial effects on the body and mind by effecting the vibration.

I also tried using this same recipe (without the cream) as a rinse/astringent for my face. Maybe I am a weirdo for trying that-but I wanted to mention it because it really seemed to clear and brighten my skin to a noticeable degree!

More About Inflammation

While acute inflammation is a helpful and natural response from the body to deal with various injury and infection, when it persists for too long or where it is not needed, it can lead to disease, depression, chronic pain, and other negative and potentially avoidable symptoms. From my research I am beginning to believe chronic inflammation is actually the core reasoning for many maladies, both physical and mental. A Harvard Medical School report says “Chronic inflammation plays a central role in some of the most challenging diseases of our time, including rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and even Alzheimer’s.”


While it seems inflammation is running rampant in our world as chronic pain and illness (as well as depression) reach an all time high, by being aware of this information and applying it to our life we can reap amazing benefits. By eating a good diet and participating in healthy lifestyle choices, we can begin to take responsibility for our health and understand our individual path to wellness more than ever.

Thanks for reading and let me know how you like your tea 🙂