Anti-Inflammatory Potion for the Soul!

Chronic inflammation is a root factor of many diseases, from physical to psychological. Inflammation is at an all time high thanks to many lifestyle habits that have become a part of our culture: sugar, refined carbs, stress, additives, harsh chemicals in skin products, environmental toxicity, and many other factors.

It is then very helpful to be aware of what causes inflammation as well as what prevents and heals it. There are many things you can do to connect with and nourish your body, from diet to exercise to meditation.

A Tea to Heal Inflammation and Grow Brain Cells

A recent discovery I made that has helped greatly with inflammation in my body is a simple “potion” I have found and I would like to share. It is like a tea with two main anti-inflammatory ingredients: turmeric and ginger. I have also added Lion’s Mane Extract, a powerful medicine in itself that has proven to help grow new brain cells and stimulate nerve growth. This is a very simple tea to make and to my surprise-has a wonderful flavor as well!


8 oz Hot Filtered Water
1/2 tbs Organic Turmeric Powder
1/2 tbs Organic Ginger Powder
1 tsp Lion’s Main Extract (Optional)
(To Taste) Cream or Almond Milk (Optional)


I make it by putting about half a tablespoon of organic turmeric and a half a tablespoon of organic ginger powder in a mug. I myself add a little more than that, as I like the strong flavor and effects it has on my body. I add a serving of Lion’s Mane extract as well. After that, simply pour hot filtered water into the mug and mix it together. For extra richness, I also like to add a little bit of cream or almond milk.

The outcome is a peppery, spicy tea that warms the soul, prevents inflammation, and works to create new brain cells and nerve growth! I like to drink this tea in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before I go to bed. I like to think I can feel the effects it has almost immediately (I am a sensitive person!).

Extra tips to try:

To really give it a kick, bless the tea before you drink it with an intention. You can do this by putting your hand over it or simply by focusing on the intention that it will nourish you. As we have seen in many scientific experiments such as Masaru Emoto’s water experiment to name just one, our thoughts and feelings do influence the physical realm and the simple act of putting intention in your food and drink can have very beneficial effects on the body and mind by effecting the vibration.

I also tried using this same recipe (without the cream) as a rinse/astringent for my face. Maybe I am a weirdo for trying that-but I wanted to mention it because it really seemed to clear and brighten my skin to a noticeable degree!

More About Inflammation

While acute inflammation is a helpful and natural response from the body to deal with various injury and infection, when it persists for too long or where it is not needed, it can lead to disease, depression, chronic pain, and other negative and potentially avoidable symptoms. From my research I am beginning to believe chronic inflammation is actually the core reasoning for many maladies, both physical and mental. A Harvard Medical School report says “Chronic inflammation plays a central role in some of the most challenging diseases of our time, including rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and even Alzheimer’s.”


While it seems inflammation is running rampant in our world as chronic pain and illness (as well as depression) reach an all time high, by being aware of this information and applying it to our life we can reap amazing benefits. By eating a good diet and participating in healthy lifestyle choices, we can begin to take responsibility for our health and understand our individual path to wellness more than ever.

Thanks for reading and let me know how you like your tea 🙂

Healing is Voltage

How repressed emotions influence our health through observations in quantum physics, psychology, and spirituality.

Atomic Healing

As chronic illness, physical and psychological, effect the lives of an increasing many, it seems imperative that we understand effective methods of healing. Medicine is an very complicated field, particularly psychological medicine, and like most mainstream fields at this time, it is overcrowded with half-baked solutions that tend to do more harm than good.

It doesn’t take a doctor to notice the patterns of ineffective medical practices or the dangers of bad incentives in the pharmaceutical industry. It merely takes the common experience of having to go to a doctor, being overcharged, and often being unsatisfied with the service and overall results of the medical industry. Due to the bureaucratic processes of medicine, the United States is years if not decades behind in equipment, internal medicine, and research.

While in some cases it may be the individual physician that is the issue, more than not it is the way they were taught and the institutional system they have to conform to so they can legally practice medicine. It would appear that sick people are being treated by even sicker people.

Nonetheless, there is a lot of new medical research and techniques coming to the surface that we should be aware of. One of the most important discoveries of the healing arts is the connection between mind and body. In this article I wish to describe how repressed emotions are observed as a fundamental cause of chronic illness physically in quantum physics, cognitively in psychotherapy, and intuitively in spirituality. Furthermore, I would like to point towards potential cures and a case for self-healing.

Quantum Physics: Healing is Voltage

A recent discovery made by Dr. Jerry Tennant has been a game changer for the way we understand chronic illness in the body. On an atomic level, he has observed the electrical nature of the body and how magnetic fields caused by emotion can influence health and chronic illness.

The summarized version of this complex phenomena is this: the body is like an electronic in the sense that it has a certain level of voltage it needs for cells to function properly. In fact, pH (potential hydrogen) is actually the measurement of voltage. Cells in our bodies have a certain range of pH levels to be able to create new cells that work and heal infection.

The conclusion so far is that chronic disease is defined as having low voltage in the body, which is associated with acidic pH levels. He has observed that no matter how much medication or surgery you have, you won’t cure chronic disease unless there is a voltage of -50mV, the raw materials to make new healthy cells, and the ability to eliminate the toxins or infections present that will damage the new cells.

While there are multiple causes for what can throw off voltage levels of the body, Dr. Tennant and his colleagues at Electric Universe have discovered that emotions have a magnetic field about them that, when not properly dealt with, are stored in and around the body. These magnetic fields have biochemical effects and can lower cellular voltages, ultimately weakening the cells and leading to chronic illness or the inability to fight off illness. It is in this way we see the physical evidence that repressed emotions can short the natural circuits in our bodies.

Dr. Tennant has used this kind of energy medicine and technology to treat his own chronic illness as well as many patients. He has developed devices that use scalar and magnetic energy that can be used to clear the emotional magnetic fields and leave behind only the memories which will not disrupt physiological health. This line of research is seeing lots of expansion and development and if the reader is interested in learning more I will leave links below for further research.

The amazing breakthrough of physiological healing on subatomic level leads me to the psychological point of healing, which in a more abstract way, has found similar effects of repressed emotion ever since the discovery of the unconscious mind.

Psychology: Healing is Self-Discovery

As a self-proclaimed Jungian analysis, I could drone on for hours about the role the unconscious plays in our whole experience of reality, let alone in illness and health. Studying the unconscious leads to an understanding that it has its own agenda and the more we are naive to our unconscious, the more we are susceptible to it in a manner we lack conscious understanding of. This is one of the reasons self-discovery is so important for any individual who wishes to get out of his own way.

Psychotherapy specifically has shown us amazing cures to psychological and physical illness through therapy alone. Though abstract and complex, it has demonstrated that neuroses and psychoses have roots in suppressed emotions, thoughts, and memories. Though this sounds simple, it actually creates infinite possibilities, depending on an individuals psychological makeup, of potential embedded traumas and methods of healing such traumas. In this way, we understand a psychotherapists main job is to be a mediator between his patient’s conscious and unconscious.

This parallel between quantum physics and psychotherapy is to observe the importance of finding ways to accept and process traumatic emotion, especially in a time that is very mind-dominated, spiritually disconnected, and emotionally confusing for people of our culture. Every individual has their own conflicts to make conscious, as well as the conditioning of collective culture, and further are programmed to resist facing themselves as they are. However, the facing of inner pain is a meaningful journey that one must accept if they wish to liberate themselves from illness. In times of deep distress such as facing your own shadows, it is necessary to have a meaningful connection with your existence and the universe around you.

Spirituality: Healing is Inner Connection

Naturally, I saved the best and most controversial topic for last, for the western science of quantum physics and psychology are now beginning to point to these medicinal ideas that the mystic esoteric schools of thought have known for thousands of years. Due to the high peak of “rationalism” and materialism in our culture, it seems necessary to draw it out scientifically. And I suppose it is.

Nonetheless, credit is due where credit is due. Spirituality and mysticism have known from time immemorial that healing comes from the inside out. For ages, the concept of electromagnetic forces around us have been known in esoteric texts. This force is sometimes known as Chi, Tao, Akasha, and many other names. There is a force recognized as “universal life force energy” or “God-force energy” and ancient practices such as reiki, meditation, yoga, prayer, and acupuncture harness this understanding in practice to energetically heal ourselves.

This healing is intuitive, yet not well understood in modern times of dogmatic rationalism and materialism. It is energetic but it is also spiritual, for one must go deep within to understand the illness and create meaning out of it to transform not only to health, but a greater wholeness.

Illness was understood much differently by ancient hermetics, who considered healing both an art and a science. Furthermore, illness was in many cases viewed as a rite of passage; to seek your individual cure by creating meaning out of it. While this may sound odd, Dr. Jerry Tennant is a perfect example of this “wounded healer” archetype that was struck with multiple chronic illnesses at once and managed to use this as an opportunity to not only to heal himself, but to make discoveries that would later go on to cure thousands if not millions of people.

There is a remarkable strength and meaning in that, and this is something we can all seek to do, for eventually we will all be stricken with some kind of physical or psychological pain we will have to learn to deal with and transform. Though it can and often is the greatest challenge in our lives, it is the most meaningful.

At the root, all healing is self-healing. This is why spirituality and myth, in whatever form, is essential for health. For one needs a purpose, a meaning, a connection to themselves and the universe around them to be able to pull this kind of strength out of their core. The dogmatic story of a mechanical universe that is given to us by cultural engineers will not suffice: we must think and feel for ourselves in this time. It is common to mock faith when faith is actually really hard to have and cultivate. The challenge of having faith is what makes it such a powerful fuel for personal evolution.

Culture is Not Your Friend

The modern approach to medicine is backwards, for it handicaps rather than seeking out the root of the problem. Furthermore, the rationalism and materialism of modern science has reached such a peak that people are so disconnected from themselves and their environment that a crippling sense of anxiety and depression are rising, naturally, and this won’t be resolved until people can have the bravery to turn inward and remember who they really are.


Chronic illness is a complicated problem of our race, yet solutions abound as new information creates scientific connections with the ancient wisdom of the past. As humans, we have a lot more capacity to heal than we think. We have been fed lots of information that cripples us.

To face this epidemic of increasing chronic pain and illness, we must change the way we understand illness and medicine altogether. The strictly rational, materialistic, mainstream approach that has dominated for the past few decades is simply not serving us. Rather than complaining about it, we can look to other branches of healing arts for understanding.

Of course I am not refuting the entire medical industry but merely pointing out its shortcomings are responsible for lots of illnesses and deaths. It is not altogether wrong, merely misguided and loaded with bad incentives. The system is not effective in letting new information come in, nor is culture welcoming to ideas that aren’t part of the status quo despite experiments and observations that say otherwise.

It is up to those that seek holistic health and growth to begin to change the course of history in how we not only maintain our health, but also cure illness.

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