“The code-pendant” diaries

A series of poems i wrote a couple weeks ago on my flight home… they all feel too connected to separate…. enjoy~ I can beAggressive.If I want to.I can beBold. Audacious. Fierce. Loud.I may have forgotten howBut it’s still within meAnd it’s arising now. I’ve lived a whole lifetimeMeek and mildScared to speak outToo tamed…

Mass Meditation: Portal of Light Activation! May 1, 2023

Perhaps the largest mass meditation yet is happening today, May 1st, at 12:06 PM EST (check below for your timezone)!! Please join us as we come together to go within and anchor in the HIGHEST LOVE for humanity and Earth. It is in our consciousness, in our hearts, in our spirits that we are truly…

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