Quantum Galactic Akashic Reading

Quantum Galactic Akashic Reading with Regan, 45-60 mins: 

Let’s travel into your Akashic Hall of Records! Channeled guidance and information from your Higher Self, guides, angels, and soul family of what they want to share most with you at this time. Important messages, affirming information, different lives/dimensional version of you, animal totems, mystical friends like dragons, and many other things often come up in a reading. Teachings on how to further your gifts, assisting you in walking your most organic timeline. Ancient wisdom and Alchemy.

The reading is done over a Zoom Video call, recorded and sent to you after you session.

Important Booking Details

If booking a service, please select a time from the schedule. Keep in mind that A.U.R.A. Sessions are 4-5 hours, R.A.A.H Sessions are 1-1.5 hours, and QGAR are 1 hour.

If you are unable to find a time slot that suits your schedule or need to get in sooner, please e-mail me at transformingthedarkness@protonmail.com and I will do my best to get you in.

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