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Long-Distance Reiki $77

Book a Reiki Session with me. Long distance (via Zoom Call) healing is just as effective as in person. E-mail me to get started today!

Heart-Centered Call

Book a one on one heart-centered Zoom call with me. Usually lasts 30-60 minutes. E-mail me to get started today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reiki and how does it work?
Put most simply, Reiki is LOVE. Reiki is a powerful form of traditional energy healing. It involves working with life-force energy (chi, prana, universal life-force, etc.) that is in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body. Since everything is ultimately energy, Reiki has the potential to heal all bodies in a very powerful yet subtle, non-invasive way.

How will it effect me?
Since Reiki is love, it can only benefit you. Every person, and every session is always different. At the least you will feel very relaxed, peaceful and centered; at the most you will have a profound divine experience. It really depends on what is truly best for you in that moment. Nonetheless, regardless of your belief or what you consciously experience, it will benefit you holistically on your journey and leave you with a sense of alignment and clarity. Usually, the more open you are to receiving it, the more powerful it will be. If you set clear intentions before the session they will be clarified and if I receive any messages/guidance/visions during the session I will share them with you.

Why do you do Reiki?
I am trained as a Reiki Master/Teacher that has been practicing since 2018. I love being able to help others by directly working with this force of LOVE and with every session I am able to learn more about the beautiful art of spiritual healing. Receiving, giving, and just knowing about the existence of this modality of healing can be a massive game-changer.

How does long-distance Reiki work?
I can assure you through experience that long-distance Reiki is just as effective as in-person. Chi energy consciousness is not limited to time and space. To deliver the best experience, I will meet you in a Zoom call so we can still connect face to face during the session and share any thoughts/feelings before and after.

How do I prepare for Reiki?
Simply show up! I recommend drinking plenty of water and eating light before and after. When getting ready for the session, be sure to have a spot where you can be completely comfortable (either sitting or lying down) and will not be disturbed by anyone or anything. It is often helpful to meditate or pray beforehand to simply connect and set any intentions you may have for the session. Feel free to prepare your space using the techniques that make you feel most comfortable and at ease (i.e. lighting a candle, grabbing your crystals, etc.). This is NOT necessary but can make for an extra relaxing experience!

How long do Reiki sessions last?
30-60 minutes. I notice as the energy increases through the consciousness rising (awakening), it takes less and less time. I will not be stingy on time but always follow the guidance of my higher self for when the healing session is truly complete.

What is included in the Zoom call?
A heart-centered call is going to be about whatever is best for that individual at the time. I started this service because many of those I have been working with get a lot of healing and clarity through being able to express and share openly with me through conversation. I love to listen to others, hold space, and channel what comes up in my heart to benefit them from another perspective. This is very healing and inspiring.

Why charge money for spiritual/energetic healing?
This is my life’s work, gift, and living… just like any other useful service, there is an exchange of time and energy happening. Money is simply an energetic tool as well. Being able to share my craft and gifts with others for my work is something I am very grateful for and very much appreciate the support.

How do I book a session?
Click here to see my current availability and book a session instantly; or e-mail me at

Looking forward to connecting and building with you soon!


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