Subtle, yet intense-
the Gemini eclipse begets
the call to stand in Self

through beingness alone.

Shrinking down for the false security of others is a sloppy habit.

Shining firm in ALL you are-
is what makes the world come alive: BOLD AS LOVE

Comfortably people-pleasing egos
Showing others what is possible
Through beingness alone.

No fear: Your Light is immensely brilliant.

SHEER beauty, glow, power-
Divinity-on full display.

It can’t go unnoticed anymore.

It’s not always easy to carry
courageous one.

Unapologetically hold your masterful Light – see what happens.

Pioneer of Light,
Can you allow yourself to hold such ORGANIC POWER
without being overwhelmed
by the shocking, coveting thoughts of others-
who still doubt their own existence.
They know not what they do~

For if these thoughts have something to say about it-
it’s time for them to go within.

Can you deal with your Light being a trigger?

Triggering the drowsy souls to remember what lies in their own heart~

Can you hold grace and compassion in your knowingness-which begins to radiate about you stronger by the hour?

The greatest service to humanity: Embodying All You Are.

Welcome to Sovereignty.