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Design Section of Perception

Unconditional Love Solstice Stream 💜

Channeling from the heart messages about unconditional love, setting intentions, taking life sincerely and not seriously, grid-working, and various other activations. All of my infinite love and gratitude to you & thanks for watching! 🙂

Transformation Flow🐍Snake and Bird Medicine🦅Merging Polarities☯️

Snake medicine  “It is said that no tree can reach to heaven if its roots are not firmly planted in hell.” -Carl Jung “As above, so below.” A message to learn to deeply honor your own organic “darkness”… Your primal nature, your hidden aspects, your shadowy textures, your fears, your weaknesses, your human-ness, your uncomfortable … Continue reading Transformation Flow🐍Snake and Bird Medicine🦅Merging Polarities☯️

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