“Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot.
Seek the path that demands your whole being.”


Due in large part to her superior listening skills, Regan possesses an uncanny empathy which allows her to easily form connections with people both in person and online. This makes her particularly adept as a holistic wellness practitioner. Coupled with a bright curiosity and a keen intuition, she is surely a force to be reckoned with! The first thing you will notice about Regan is her positivity–infectious as it is. The second is her genuine desire to see you become the best version of yourself; and luckily, she has seemingly endless ideas on how to bring that about. Through interacting with Regan, I have experienced a period of personal growth and have progressed multiple steps towards wellness. I can honestly, without reservation, recommend her services to anyone even remotely interested in such things.

Gabe Chin

My Reiki healing I had done was definitely an uplifting experience. I’m not the type to meditate often, but while I received the healing I was in what felt almost like a trance. Personally I have been pretty stressed with my personal life. Being able to have this done was a great experience and I felt very comfortable to this. It felt like some weight lifted. After the experience I feel like it still has a lasting effect on how I carry myself every day. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience your healing. I really Enjoyed it and look forward to next time.

Ivonne Valles

A Reiki healing session has many benefits for any given individual, this sacred practice of energy healing is graciously offered through Regan Keely. I’ve had two sessions with Regan both of which were very transformative for me. She establishes and keeps the space while working on your body’s energy field.
Whether you are new to experiencing Reiki healing or are well versed, you will be comforted by authenticity and genuine practice with every session. I am grateful to have had and continue having healing sessions with Regan!

-Benjamyn Armstrong
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