Truth is,
the demons will teach you things
that the angels never could.

The fear,
the anxiety,
the depression,
the anger they cast within you
is a teacher.
In this life, one has to
attain things
they never knew they could contain.

In the realm of the mind,
the reality of demons is very real;
a battle of wits
emerging from every vulnerability.
Unrecognizable and passionate influences
shrouding your perception in darkness.

Yes, the game of the mind
is a dead-end street;
a bloody war;
an endless waiting in line.
In a mind-dominated society
it is easy to get quite lost,
sucked into a cynical wormhole
one cannot rationalize oneself out of.

How easily,
how quickly,
a human can fall into their own Hell.

We create our reality and our meaning,
through and through and through.
The world you see creates fractals of who you are becoming.

To fight a demon takes practice,
of stepping out of the mind,
looking from above all of the noise,
at your Being..
simply observe;
the mind is not your master.

To transcend a demon takes strength,
to know your Self
again and again.
Growth is hard on the mind,
but you are not its slave.

Through this journey, it is your creation,
your filter,
and your companion.