Welcome to Sovereignty – Poetic Transmissions

Subtle, yet intense-the Gemini eclipse begetsthe call to stand in Self unfaltering unapologetic unhesitantthrough beingness alone. Shrinking down for the false security of others is a sloppy habit. Shining firm in ALL you are-is what makes the world come alive: BOLD AS LOVE Comfortably people-pleasing egos ORShowing others what is possible Through beingness alone. NoContinue reading “Welcome to Sovereignty – Poetic Transmissions”

Gratitude as a Door – SIMPLE.

Practicing gratitude is opening a gateway. Opening the gate to allowevery sacred color of the rainbow-and beyondto enter intoyour living fieldof Being. Know this is a door that gets locked with a key,when we’d rather focus on the insanity-suffering.Focusing on shortcomings all the time,quite literally blocks high blessingsfrom coming in. Learn to tune your frequencyContinue reading “Gratitude as a Door – SIMPLE.”

no reason

i will tend to my worki willBE what else can one do?when life must be lived outfor the answers. what a feeling! so, very, strange,this simulation. what is more tense?living towards death,ordying towards life? will we ever sleep?or oscillate for eternity? no wonder we are fearful monkeys.this tensionis walking onscorching snowin the frozen sun.¤¤¤

Dealing with Demons

Truth is,the demons will teach you thingsthat the angels never could. The fear,the anxiety,the depression,the anger they cast within youis a teacher.In this life, one has toattain thingsthey never knew they could contain. In the realm of the mind,the reality of demons is very real;a battle of witsemerging from every vulnerability.Unrecognizable and passionate influencesshrouding yourContinue reading “Dealing with Demons”

the path of the collective

where am i?what are my origins?these counterpart of me-my brothers and sisters…how do they intersect with my work?we are all I. there is much work to do.the path of the collectiveseems as brutal and endlessas the individual Self. infinite fractals in higher dimensions;in this way, the material mirrors the astral.but higher dimensional fractaling anomaliesareintense. i mustContinue reading “the path of the collective”


I wrote this while I was in Brazil studying the doctrine and sacrament of the Holy Santo Daime- age 21, totally blown away by the mystery and love of this experience~ Part I where am i to go now?i have glimpsed the interfaceof the divine. i have livedin this mortal shellthe eternal and the higher.Continue reading “God”


It is always dropping hints to the observant.The interface of the inner and outer~ For I amGod rememberinghimself humbly, in this vesselthat is I. Under a spell, in a simulation,living out this existencelike a grand pieceof multidimensional art. Meanings branching out of meaning,all of which I create.My creations invoke ripplesin this one schemeof Being. Why now, IContinue reading “remembering”

Quantum Manifestation

The struggle of modern man realizing that he is onea meta, fourth-wall breaking concept is, to me, quite fun.The way a psychotic individual needs healing,a collective organism of man is revealing. Times will unfold, as we shall seethe liberation of physical humanity.Structures of economics, politics, and religionapproached with a far more innovative vision.What comes next:Continue reading “Quantum Manifestation”