Practices for Energetic Cleansing/Charging and Re-Claiming Sovereignty

Hello Beautiful Community of Light!

In these beautiful and spiritually ascending times, we are not just shifting negativity but shining a brilliant LIGHT upon all darkness. It’s intense. That said, I would like to share some energy cleansing and charging techniques that I use pretty much daily. This is basic information that I find very helpful to maintain “spiritual hygiene” if you will. Once these fundamentals are understood and more importantly practiced, one can begin to take their practice deeper and also follow their own intuition of what works best for them.

I also want to briefly discuss the mechanics of sovereignty, a concept that surely we will be diving more into as time goes on as it is indispensably powerful for an individual to know and practice, and is also a big part in continuing to shift the collective consciousness and accomplish the level of freedom and peace on Earth we all envision in our sacred heart.

  1. Focus/Intention
    It is first vital to understand how powerful and sacred your focus and concentration really are. When you can hold focus on something in your now moment, especially an intention, you begin to construct it in your reality. Thoughts and emotions are indeed constructive, as we are creator beings coming home to who we are. Focus and concentration upon an intention (whether it be healing, inspiration, motivation, creativity, guidance, etc.) is key to any and all energy work. This is why it is always helpful to take a few minutes to breathe, relax, and come back to your focused awareness before you begin consciously working with energy.
  2. Breathing
    Of course, breath is one of the most sacred ways to get in touch with your center. With practice there are so many things that can be done with the breath, from transforming anxiety to swimming in arctic ice water comfortably. The topic of breath is huge and there are many techniques one can look into for different types of energy work. For this article, suffice it to say that it is important to breathe deeply in and out of the entire body, from the base of the spine to the stomach to the heart to the head. With every technique that is mentioned here, breath can and ideally would be used alongside. Breathing in the feeling of love, breathing in the visual of pure light, breathing in the sound of harmonious music or birds singing. The breath is an unconscious function of the mind-body, so when you become conscious of it, a powerful bridge between these different aspects of yourself forms so easily, that we tend to take it for granted because of how simple it is.
  3. Visualization of Light in Body and Field
    Imagination is a creative tool.
    There are infinite ways to incorporate visualization into your life. A great way to start is envisioning your body and it’s field being surrounded by beautiful, loving, radiant white light. Envision the light filling your entire body, and start to expand outward toward the space around your body, at least up to 5 feet around. Hold this focus on the bright light around you until you feel the work is complete (as you practice you will intuitively know when this is and how much you need).

    Once you have this down, you can take it even further. Usually this is practiced with eyes closed in meditation, but it can also be practiced with eyes open in any situation. You can also experiment with every color of the rainbow, as every color is a unique frequency with unique properties of consciousness that may benefit you in different ways. Again, use your intuition and experiment. Individual experience will bring you the greatest knowledge.

    I like to go through every Chakra color from red to violet, then also with some gold, silver, turquoise, rose gold, platinum, etc.

    Other ideas for visualization: a huge magnet pulling out negativity and recycling it back into the Earth/Source; your feet/root chakra grounding its roots into the Earth; your head/crown chakra connecting up to the heavens; the Violet Flame, etc.

    Visualization is a symbolic gesture and a very powerful way to begin working your energy around, even if it is not yet visible to the physical eye, the more you work with it the more you will begin to perceive and see it. As creator beings we are able to CREATE beautiful, loving energy in our own field any time. It is worth mentioning that visualization is also very potent in creating/drawing desired experiences towards you (Law of Attraction), but that may be a different topic for another day.

  4. Affirmations- I AM statements
    I am powerful.
    I am beautiful.
    I am free.
    I am courageous.
    “I am ….” statements, whether spoken inwardly or aloud, are very powerful tools to literally program or re-program the subconscious mind. When you use affirmations, your body is listening and understanding that information. They are very powerful to incorporate into your experience on all levels and the more you repeat them (the subconscious mind learns through repetition) the more you will begin to see these qualities in your self develop naturally, without having to “force” them. So exciting!
  5. Singing/Spoken Word/Sound
    There is so much power in sound and word, and we often take for granted our own voice, both physically and spiritually, and our ability to express ourselves and transmit/broadcast our own energy/intention in our field for our greatest and highest good. Whether it is through the sacred act of singing, chanting, speaking, proclaiming, or praying aloud, there are many ways to clear your energy with this powerful resonance. A clear harmonic frequency sounding in a room can clear the whole room’s energy similar to the act of smudging (burning herbs to cleanse the air).
  6. Writing
    Whether it is writing creatively, journaling, poetry, or just channeling straight from the heart/spirit, writing is also a priceless tool to be aware of. If anything, it tends to help us realize and remember more about ourselves when we take time to write about what we are experiencing. It is a great way to express yourself, release energy, construct energy, and channel revelations from Source that may be very important and powerful for you.
  7. Calling directly upon God/Angels/Soul Family+Friends
    We are truly surrounded by an “army” of intelligent and benevolent multi-dimensional loving LIGHT. Though we are here to do our own work as living creations, the almighty creator, the creator’s helpers, the galactics, our soul family, friends, and guides are around and available to us always for assistance. We may all experience/perceive this differently, but regardless there are high aspects of ourselves we can all tap into that are happy to assist, guide, and encourage us in any way we ask. The high consciousness of Light honors free-will and so many times if you desire their assistance it is important to ask. “Ask and you shall receive”. I ask for guidance, encouragement, protection, and messages daily.
  8. Nature
    There is something sacred about spending time in nature, of course. Whether it be on the beach next to sacred waters, in the forest surrounded by beautiful trees, on a grassy green field, or whatever the case may be… nature has such a high frequency that just Being in its presence consciously will clean and charge the human field. The sun has thousands of benefits for the human.
    A fun tip I mentioned in my video- if you look toward the direction of the sun and squint your eyes a little bit, the light will reflect geometric rainbow fractal codes off of your eyelashes. If you focus on these geometric rainbow codes long enough you may find yourself having a very interesting mystical experience.. (at least I know I have!).
  9. Transmutation through Feeling/Emotion
    Emotions are a superpower!
    This is also very effective and can be used alongside these other techniques. When you feel something, you are shifting it. As I said, thoughts are constructive: they create. They are electric. And as Dr. Joe Dispenza has profoundly discovered it is the emotions that are MAGNETIC. Magnetic meaning.. the emotion is what draws towards you your “electric” creations in your electromagnetic field. The more you can raise the vibration of your feelings (ie. gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, bliss, wholeness) the more powerful your intention will become and the sooner it will be made manifest in your reality.

    When you are experiencing any kind of uncomfortable emotion, instead of resisting it at all or beating yourself up for it (like we’ve been destructively programmed to do), just allow yourself to FEEL IT COMPLETELY with no resistance. Just sit and breathe through the uncomfortable feeling of fear, anger, sadness, or whatever it may be as much as you need to. Face it directly and bravely, it can’t kill you. Resisting your own emotions is more painful than just feeling them. You will notice that when you surrender and allow yourself to just feel the uncomfortable emotion, it starts to clear our of your field almost immediately depending on how dense it is. Once the emotion has been felt, experienced, and released, think about what you want to feel now, focus on that intention, and as you let go it will begin to manifest into your field. This is conscious transmutation/alchemy of the Self in a nutshell.

Spiritual Attacks: Claiming Sovereignty and Free-Will

Just because one experiences some kind of shadow or darkness in their body/field does not mean they are under spiritual attack, for there are plenty of organic experiences that may cause this. However, it does happen and if you feel you are under spiritual attack from anything it is important to stay calm and know that you have everything you need to protect yourself.

An important thing to understand is that the creator designed you and gave you the gift of FREE-WILL. This is SOVEREIGNTY over your reality. This is a universal law within this universe.

However, darker entities/energies have mastered a loophole of this universal law that is playing out hugely in the entire collective. The loophole is this: deceiving/manipulating us (powerful creator beings) into consenting/creating things we wouldn’t actually want to consent/create, through the use of fear/illusion. That is why these lower-dimensional beings are tricksters, manipulators, infiltrators, liars, and masters of deception/illusion. They are parasitic and have no power unless it is given to them “willingly”. No healthy human wants to give their energy over to these lower dimensional beings unless they have been properly scared, traumatized, manipulated, and tricked into it. Most of us have had amnesia regarding our power and Free-Will, which is why it is ALWAYS a good time to re-claim it again, as many times as you need to.

That being said, if you are facing spiritual attack, you may claim your sovereignty and demand and command any and every unwanted entities/energies to leave your field now. You may do this in the name of God, as God has given you this power. Many forget they have free-will or succumb to the lies and fears of the dark ones. However when you understand this information you are no longer a victim to any of it.

The lower-dimensional entities are intelligent liars– they may try to tell you that you can’t do this or suck you back into some kind of drama, fear, anger, resentment, despair, narcissism, etc. Be aware. Manipulation is their forte and there is nothing they won’t do or say to try to mentally dominate you and trick you. Without your energy to feed off, they are powerless to you. It is important to remain calm, strong, brave, and sovereign in your field and tell them they must leave. You 100% can banish these lower dimensional entities from your experience in any now-moment if you command and demand them to leave, period. This knowledge is a game changer and probably can’t be reported on enough in these times. There are many false con-tracts these beings have made with people (subconsciously) in order to stick around, be a nuisance, and feed off energy. You can tear every contract, cut every cord, break every chain that no longer serves you if you will it. You do have this power, this freedom, and governance over your life and it is such a blessing to know. It may feel weird at first but as these beings leave you, you will begin to notice a lot of amazing and powerful things about yourself and your abilities.


There are many ways to consciously cleanse, clear, and charge your reality with simple symbolic gestures of Light such as these. I left it open and general because it is up to you to use your intuition and direct connection to God/Soul/Source to figure out what works best for you. Claiming our sovereignty is a huge part of this phase of building the new earth. We are powerful creator beings, and we are worthy and capable of creating the kind of life and world we truly desire in our heart to see!

The inner and outer realms are merging!

Thank you all for listening/reading and God Bless!

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