If you’ve clicked this article, chances are you are an empath. This article will empower you greatly in techniques you can utilize daily, especially in regards to recalibrating your relationships with people, situations, and objects around you.

There is no doubt that over the past year, those who were already sensitive to the energies around them have increased that sensitivity significantly. I know that is the case for me. For those who may be feeling drained, overwhelmed, and overstimulated by even simple things such as being around loved ones or going to the grocery store, the cord cutting techniques in this article will serve you well.

What is an Empath?

Empath has become a common word and most are familiar with its meaning-those who are able to feel the emotions and energies of others. It’s not so much about imagining how others feel as much as it is FEELING what they feel, often so much so that it can be challenging to figure out where your energy ends, and anothers energy begins.

It pretty much goes without saying then that this level of empathy can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, the more empathic you are, the more you can tap into your psychic abilities, allowing you to read people and know how to assist best in nearly any situation. Empaths are natural healers and often extremely loving and generous people. On the other hand, they are easily drained when they don’t set strong and firm boundaries to a degree that can be detrimental if left unchecked.

Often having to overcome people-pleasing the egos of others, empaths have to learn how to say no and take care of themselves first. It is all too often an empath will feel others so much that they want to help them, even if it is at their own expense. However, too much self-sacrifice will leave you drained and unable to help anyone, even yourself in the end… leading to a suppression and resentment of emotion that is very painful to feel and release.

Therefore, self-preservation must always be #1. Only when you are truly energetically clear and charged can you be of best service to your fellow humanity. It is said, “Love others as you love yourself“- not love others more than yourself. For YOU are the divine incarnated.

Empaths feel everything.

Empaths in the Shift

Most empaths at this point are likely well-aware of these characteristics, having experienced them time and time again. However, it is worth mentioning, because these types of patterns are likely to repeat throughout life again and again as we shift. We are continually evolving and having to set new boundaries for ourselves, especially in these times as everything is rapidly changing.

One of the most profound things I have noticed as we shift the collective is the amount of energetic boundaries that must be recognized and set. This is a matter of recognizing the energetics around you and taking responsibility accordingly (pun not intended). Let me explain.

Throughout life, I have learned well to set firm boundaries for myself. This includes saying no when I want to say no, making decisions based on my intentions, doing what I need to do for my greatest truth and not worrying about how others are going to respond, etc. Setting boundaries is also an important aspect of sovereignty, for it is all too easy to slip into a realm where others are controlling you through emotional obligations. Many times, those who are impeding on your reality may not be aware of it or even have good intentions for you. However, that is why it is so important to honor and trust yourself by not people-pleasing their egos and honoring your needs. Again, this means doing what you need to do for yourself, making it clear to others, and standing firm in that truth regardless of what any other human is going to say or think about it. You take back control when you realize your energetic clarity is your #1 priority and responsibility alone.

Those who are awakened will understand and honor your decisions, even if they don’t agree with you. Those who don’t understand will do as they will- however you will have demonstrated the power of sovereignty and self-empowerment, which is a seed planted for freeing all of humanity from the inside out.

That said, we are going to get continually more sensitive to the energies of ourselves, others, places, peoples, things, etc. as we ascend so it is imperative we learn how to respond proactively. A year ago, setting verbal boundaries was enough. As we move forward, energetic boundaries must be set as well, for those who are empathic will increasingly grow telepathically sensitive to the emotions, thoughts, and judgements of others. If we don’t understand that these judgements are not our own, we may fall prey to their limiting nature which can cause suffering/victimhood states.

When you can hear/perceive critical limiting beliefs of others in your mind, you need not take them on for yourself. In other words, you need not shrink down your originality and light so that others are comfortable. As Sovereign Light Beings, we are here to show others what is possible through spiritual evolution, not shrink down to others levels so they feel validated in the old and familiar paradigms. Being who you truly are is one of the greatest services you can do for humanity right now.

That is why it takes much more courage to be sovereign than to belong to a groupthink. When you break free of what the majority is doing, though people will often react negatively, you are indeed doing them a service by showing them you can be who you really are regardless of the opinions/responses/judgements of others.

Cord Cutting Techniques (Daily & Deep Diving)

As an empath with ever-increasing sensitivities, I can definitely say that being around others (even those I love dearly) can be extremely exhausting and overstimulating to the point that I am often overwhelmed by it. Left unresolved, it can get to a point that is energetically paralyzing/debilitating, which is why I had to figure out how to deal with this. I knew I couldn’t go back to be desensitized, and I didn’t want to lose these empathic abilities, so I had to learn (and remember) old tricks of the trade so that I could still be in this world, but not of it.

We often are so excited about attaining these interdimensional spiritual abilities that it can be easy to become ungrounded. However, we did come here to be human on Earth, so it is important to keep a steady balance between your spirit and human-ness.

With all that said, there is nothing so simple and effective as cord cutting.

Cord cutting will help reset, reconfigure, and recalibrate the energies around relationships

Cord Cutting

This is an extremely easy and simple technique to clear energetic ties/tension, and there are different ways of going about it. Long story short, cord cutting is the simple act of taking back your power that you may have unwittingly fragmented onto other people or things. This gives you the chance to become aware of your relationship with them, so that you may take responsibility again and clear energetic contracts/ties.

I’d like to preface by saying that thought cord cutting is extremely effective in clearing energy and contracts, it need not be super dramatic. As human beings, we develop energetic cords with nearly everything in our life. This can be our partners, families, co-workers, animals, objects, etc. It can be something as deep as an ex-lover or as surface level as the squirrel in your backyard. We develop energetic cords with nearly anything that we leave an impression on, or that leaves an impression on us. Sometimes cords are contracts of sorts we (consciously or unconsciously) make with other souls. Sometimes they are addictions to objects, attachments to certain ideas/images, or obsessions with certain goals. Regardless of what it is, this cord-cutting technique can be used effectively.

Long story short, we form lots of energetic ties with things, whether we consciously realize it or not-especially as empaths. This can get backed up and become very draining very fast so when you begin to cut cords in your life you take back all of your power. Letting go of attachments, whether it’s to things we fear or things we love, is always helpful in getting us more aligned with our Highest Self and purpose. Often times, when we are extremely attached to the things we love, we can create resistance or self-sabotage of that thing.

That said, cutting cords need not be a dramatic ritual (though it can be, more on that later). When you cut a cord between you and another person- it need not mean, at all, that you exile them out of your life and end your relationship with them. All it means is that you are ending that “contract” with them, the past patterns with them, the situations and energies you’ve experienced with them. This is a beautiful thing to do, as it allows you to recalibrate that relationship energetically and begin anew.

Let’s go deeper into the different ways to go about this.

Daily Cord Cutting

It is an extremely helpful practice to cut cords pretty much everyday, or as often as you feel the need to. This is done by the mere intention and visualization. This is a very simple thing to do-there is no need to let the mind complicate it. Cord cutting in this way doesn’t need to be a whole ritual, but a common practice.

Simply imagine the “cord” between you and that person/situation/object and literally, with scissors, cut the cord. Do it as many times as you need to. For some patterns in your life, you may have to do it only once; for others, you may have to do it again and again. Either way, it is a very helpful way to start clearing up the attachments, contracts, and loops in your life.

Remember- cutting the cord need not mean ending that relationship or cutting someone/something off (though it can be), it’s really just about reconfiguring the energies around it and clearing any unconscious contracts (which are often easily made). This is part of setting firm boundaries, taking back your power, and being Sovereign. Indeed, it is also basic spiritual self-care and hygiene.

Cutting little cords can be a very simple and loving thing to do, and can clear energy up even in your closest relationships on a daily basis.

Deep Diving Cord Cutting

This is when cord cutting can be in more depth, ritualistic, and is best used when you feel deep emotions or have a long history with someone/something. If you are feeling extremely overwhelmed by your relationship with this person/situation/thing, you will find this to be most helpful and as an empath I can’t recommend it enough.

For this practice, write a hand-written letter to that person/thing. This is not to give to them, this is for you to express everything you need to express without holding back anything. It is important to be honest with yourself and don’t hold back any emotions/thoughts, even if you feel are “bad” or “wrong”.. that is the whole point! Like a good spring cleaning, you want to get ALLLLL that mucky, dirty energy out and leave as little clutter left behind as you possibly can. There is nothing wrong with anything you feel/think or any reason to feel guilty about it- for that is the whole purpose of cord cutting in the first place. Know that no one is ever going to read this letter but you. Let go of any judgement of yourself and just be free and authentic in this expression. The human experience is intense and we all feel deep pain, trauma, resentment, etc. from time to time. No shame.

You can write anything that needs to come up, but I feel it is most important to include these few things:

1. What is the current situation/relationship between you and this person/thing? What happened to get to where you are now? What is the dynamic and what created any ties, obligations, feelings, etc.?

2. How did/do you FEEL about it?

3. What would you say to them/it now if you could say anything without holding back?

4. Forgiveness: “I forgive you for (whatever they did)”; and importantly “I forgive myself for (everything you need to forgive yourself for)”.

5. I like to end with taking responsibility for my energy and giving thanks for everything I learned from the situation (ie. the need to appreciate myself more, the need to trust myself more, the need to love myself more, how to clear energetic contracts, etc.)

6. Clear Contract/Cut Cord: Either in your own words or in this exact verbiage: “I now release any and all contracts with the people, situations, and energies stated in this letter.” And sign.

7. Tear the letter up and burn it. Also helpful to burn some sage, cedar, or palo santo along with it. I like to imagine cutting the cords as I do this.

8. Start ‘new’ relationships, express your needs/boundaries to them clearly, and act accordingly. You will soon know more clearly how much energy you should be giving this person/thing to keep a harmonic balance.

Remember: you are worthy, capable, and deserving of all the infinite love your heart craves, and nothing less.

And that’s it! Such a powerful way to let go of contracts. You will notice that when writing the letters, lots of emotions/memories may come boiling up to the surface to be expressed- express them, feel them fully, so that you may transmute and let them go. This is a powerful way to transmute those energies, and to do so you have to let yourself feel these things completely.

Therefore, “deep diving” cord cutting will take a considerable amount of energy so be prepared to do that and set aside that level of time and privacy for yourself, as emotions will have to surface to be released and transmuted- thats the point! However, as all the grief/anger/resentment/etc. boils to the surface/purges out in this process, when you are done you will find a new level of peace about the situation. All of those old lingering emotions/contracts will have been cleared, and you will have become aware of a lot of things you may have not noticed before.

Of course, as with any spiritual practice, try it and make it your own. Follow your own inner guidance when it comes to cord cutting and writing cord cutting letters. This is the technique that has worked greatly for me. The more you begin to practice daily cord cutting, the easier and more natural it becomes until those boundaries are a natural part of your beingness.

One of the most fascinating things about being human is that we have to learn and remember how to love and honor ourselves again. Conditional self-love can be torture- the more we can truly accept ourselves as we are, the more we will begin to enjoy every moment and situation life throws at us. Only when we embrace unconditional love for ourselves, can we hold unconditional love for others, and for all that is.

Cut those cords and be FREE!

Thanks for reading!

I hope this is helpful to you and please share to any empathic ones who may be struggling with boundaries or self-love.