the Center

So long it has been for this race:the darkness, the blindness, the hatred.Violent horror of the depthsplaying in the surfaceof space and time. Ah, but a light is on the horizon.The days of men living out external imagesto project their internal terrorsfades. We will learn to redirect this energyfrom whence it came and to whoit … Continue reading the Center


It is always dropping hints to the observant.The interface of the inner and outer~ For I amGod rememberinghimself humbly, in this vesselthat is I. Under a spell, in a simulation,living out this existencelike a grand pieceof multidimensional art. Meanings branching out of meaning,all of which I create.My creations invoke ripplesin this one schemeof Being. Why now, I … Continue reading remembering

the sun.

another day another excessive coffee binge of trying to reach the heights I feel in the distance. nature insists: let it happen. yet, my excitement is hot coals and lavender fields. always living paradoxically, you think I’d be used to it.


another class in the harsh lesson ofit is what it is. things that are lostget passed onwe have no coursebut tolet it go. short mustgo on.