Greetings Beloved Friends!

Today I want to share with you the power of shielding and protecting your beautiful energy field.

The Human Biofield; Aura; Morphogenic Field… Many names!

Before I share the technique, I’d like to briefly attest to the impact this practice has had on my reality since I’ve been doing it daily (twice a day, actually). While I used to think ‘shielding’ was unnecessary or even overkill, lately I have seen that it is actually a very important and effective aspect of spiritual hygiene. I want to share this technique because it has helped me greatly, and if it resonates, perhaps it can help you greatly too!

My Experience

I used to intend protection over my energy field in meditation, but slipped out of the habit slowly as, like I said, I felt that it was unnecessary. I knew that I was already protected (as we truly are) and didn’t think I needed to even put it out there. I have deep trust in my self and God.

Nonetheless, the past week I have began practicing this technique of shielding my energy daily and I must say it has impacted my life noticeably and tangibly. While in the grand scheme of things we are always divinely protected, it has been my experience that consciously declaring our Sovereignty over our life force/energy field and intending protection of our free-will from any external harm (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) will not only make you feel more empowered as a Being but will genuinely defend you from many nefarious and unnecessary experiences.

In retrospect before I began consciously shielding my energy field, I constantly felt exhausted and overwhelmed by life. It was almost like my energy was constantly being mysteriously siphoned off, regardless of what I was doing that day. I also felt way more absorbed into other peoples energy rather than just being able to observe it through my own Being. I would notice heart palpitations often when I would engage with certain information. Finally, my dreams were constantly riddled with strange, dark, uncomfortable scenarios that would sometimes leave me waking up still feeling tired.

These are things I only really noticed when I started shielding, and almost all at once these symptoms faded away. While my dreams are still intense and bold, they feel much more natural and clear since I’ve started this practice.

That’s not to say I am not still confronted with my own challenges- the way I see it we all have plenty of inner work to do- why leave the gate open for an extra uninvited energies to come in? When we are Sovereign on all levels energetically, I truly believe we are much more capable of observing and transmuting the challenges of our daily lives without the interference or infringement of parasitic “trickster” types of energies.

All that said- if you resonate with this or feel called to it, I invite you to try this technique! Or feel free to adapt it more specifically to your own spiritual practice. I find the intention, declaration, and visualization are most potent. I’d say experiment with this for a week or so and see if you notice the difference in your own life. If you do, feel free to please pass it on to others so we can all begin to practice these techniques of conscious Sovereignty until it becomes second-nature.

“Our intent is to teach you on how you can help your Inner Light become stronger by actively using the force fields around you, filtering out the negative that means harm so that you may strongly heart discern every frequency that passes through.” -Aurora, Galactic Soul History of the Universe

Shielding Technique

This is the beautiful technique I have been using, I learned from the wonderful teachings of Rising Phoenix Aurora. I’d like to thank her here for sharing this, and present this technique as it is written in her inspiring book Galactic Soul History of the Universe. She recommends doing it twice a day: when you wake up in the morning, and in the evening before the sun sets. It only takes a couple of minutes but the effect it has is incredible!

The first practice is to start getting the energy centers in your hands open and flowing; the next practice builds off of this to use this powerful energy in the hands (through the heart) to shield. This is only two of many powerful practices on can begin to build off of this, even including the use of the Sacred Merkabah.

Keep in mind that these practices are showing you powerful ways in which you can tap into the infinite power of the heart center.


Place hands in Gassho position. (Gassho is a gesture with that hands held in prayer position, in front of the chest.)

Rub hands together as you desire.

Clap four times in prayer position and state with strength “Open.”

Turn hands horizontal, with left hand above right, facing each other.

Open and close both hands in this position 13 times.

Switch hands now, right hand over left.

Open and close both hands again in this position 13 times.

You should be feeling vibrations in between your palms.

Play with this energy, moving it around, expanding it bigger and then shrinking. Creating it into an energy ball.

You may use this energy ball of Love-Light around your home, cars, children, stating “without harming anyone”. We are powerful creator beings, and by stating this we make sure to not pull from someone else’s energy.

Rising Phoenix Aurora


Rub your hands together to create your energy ball consisting of your “I AM Source Love-Light.”

Viewing it and sensing it through your imagination, expand it to surround your vessel and auric field. You may make it the color of your choice and any include a sacred geometric symbol that aligns with you encasing the walls of this bubble.

Set the intent by stating, “I shall be shielded from harm mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually throughout the infinity of Creation. I DO NOT CONSENT to harm all day and night, without harming anyone, for my highest good.”

As you expand the light, state four times, “I invoke the I AM Love-Light in me.”

With your hands expand the light around yourself, your loved ones, animals, cars, home, etc.

Envision your eight-point Merkabah surrounding you. It is a live consciousness, so envision it activating, or coming to life so to speak.

It is a counterclockwise, upside down, four-sided pyramid, expanding, repelling, spinning structure of light at the bottom. Clockwise, right side up, drawing in energy at the top pyramid through the crown.

The Merkabah is an extension of our consciousness and represents the integration of the spiritual, energetic, and physical bodies. Made up of eight triangles having eight points, we find the Merkabah also reflects the infinite energy and protection of creation (since the number eight is an ancient alchemy infinity symbol.) Each triangle represents the sacred [trinity] three elements of the Divine Mother, Father, and Child trinity complex.

Rising Phoenix Aurora
“These force fields will help amplify your heart discernment, reading what energies are harmful and what is not.” – Aurora, Galactic Soul History of the Universe

This is only two of many foundational practices and teachings that can be found from Rising Phoenix Aurora’s website, YT Channel, or book. If you resonate, I encourage you to check out her phenomenal work.

Again, it is highly recommended this is done every day, twice a day. It only takes minutes and I believe that if you try it for a couple of days, you will notice the difference and will look forward to doing these practices daily! This is a great way to help consciously manage your energy and keep your abilities strengthening.

I love you; I honor you; I respect you


These are very empowering practices to add to your spiritual toolkit as we continue to deepen our relationship with our spiritual evolution.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this is helpful to you and your loved ones!