Vonu Podcast: Spiritual Self-Liberation

Hello beautiful friends!

I had the amazing opportunity to join the Vonu Podcast with Shane on the Spiritual Self-Liberation Series!

Truly an exciting and encouraging conversation, I highly recommend joining in and picking up some valuable diamond nuggets of information!

For those who haven’t heard of the Vonu Podcast… if you are interested in innovative and practical solutions to breaking free of the rate race (or as Shane fittingly calls it, the “first realm”), you will benefit greatly from not only this conversation but checking out his work and website where he offers generous information and resources for doing such. I have been friends with Shane for around 5 years and am always impressed at all the powerful achievements he has made, including creating a flourishing homestead/permanent autonomous zone called PAZNIA based on core principles of peace, liberty, and freedom. On his website you will find all kinds of information on being more self-sustainable and independent, cryptocurrency, philosophy, strategies for freedom, and so much more. I have a feeling many of you will appreciate his work!

Thanks again for your ongoing support, it truly does mean the world to me.. and there is so much more divine inspiration to come. To be connecting with so many unique, intelligent, and wise souls makes me feel so very rich!

Love, gratitude, and blessings to you all!

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