In this beautiful meditation I will guide you into deep relaxation, through a powerful energetic healing session using the sacred tools of the Violet Flame & White Light, and finally into a visual journey where you can explore and receive messages from your Higher Self & Guides via the imagination.. aka your “third eye” that perceives multi-dimensionality.

Meant to assist and uplift you through intense energies, equip you with helpful techniques for energy healing and alchemy, and remind you of the power YOU have always available through the infinite God-force energy within you. I hope you enjoy and come back as often as needed!

Also: I find it helps to write about your experience after it is done to be able to interpret the deeper meanings in any symbols, images, animals, etc. that you may encounter in your visual journey towards the end.. similar to how you would a dream.. you may be amazed at what comes through!

You can also download this meditation for free *here*.

Infinite love, gratitude, and respect to you all.

Thank you for your continued love and support always~