Zero-Pointing: 7 Tips

What is Zero-Pointing?

Your “Zero-Point” is the powerful and natural state of your full awareness in the present moment. It is when you are truly focused in the eternal now; your point in the infinite consciousness. It is the remembering and knowing that all of your power, bliss, satisfaction, or whatever you are desiring to experience can only be experienced in the now AND when you align with this knowing your desires naturally attract to your present moment like magnets. Therefore it is a very enjoyable and powerful state to be in.

Yet our minds tend to unconsciously spread our awareness into the past and future and create all kinds of stories that we fragment our focus into– keyword: unconsciously.

When we are projecting our powerful focus across multiple times and spaces without even realizing it, it can really take a toll on our current state of being and abilities. It often leads to feeling anxiety, dread, overwhelm, unclarity, not being able to focus or relax, not feeling “good enough” and overall the sensation of “being spread to thin” because when you are not truly present- your point of energy (presence) becomes more thin, weak, and a dull magnet. That is when you know its time to go ahead and call back all of your power to your present moment in time and space.

It is time to come back to your zero-point.

The Power and Peace in the Zero-Point Presence

Zero-pointing is my #1 priority in daily life, because I know when I am tapped into the NOW as much as I can be, I am at my truest power in whatever I am doing. It is in this state I feel the most tapped in and connected, I get the best work done, I am the most creative, and I feel the most joy, etc.

When you are in zero-point, genuine presence, you unify your being and focus into the now and embody the truth that you have all you need and are exactly where you need to be right now (despite the illusions of the past and future). It is a feeling of deep surrender, peace, trust, and knowing. In this state you are in touch with the love and life-force within you and so you both feel more satisfied and you attract more satisfaction in whatever you are focusing on. Whereas being spread through the past and future seems productive but usually just makes us more distracted, anxious, and again a dull magnet-making it hard to get out of that loop until we simply come back to the zero-point.

A quick, important sidenote that consciously traveling to the past or future to heal, manifest, or access information is a potent tool that we can use beautifully in our zero-point presence. However, it is when we are not being conscious of where we are investing our precious energy we can quickly spread ourselves too thin and will lose significant power in our lives.

How to Zero Point: 7 Tips

The key to Zero-Pointing is to simply be present. That said, this can be a lot easier said than done so I will share with you my tips.

  1. Relax. This is the biggest key. No matter how anxious or stubborn or behind you may feel- the key really is to give yourself at least 5 minutes to RELAX. Just be. Even if it seems like you don’t have time, you will end up saving time because after you zero-point your energy will be more efficient and clear.
  2. Breathe. Come back to your breath and take big, steady breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Connecting to breath is an ancient tried and true way to connect to your presence.
  3. Release attachments. Allow yourself this 5 minutes (or however long) to FORGET about ALL of your stories, no matter how urgent they are. Unless you are truly in an emergency, they can wait, and they will still be there when you come back if you need to tend to them. You will have more clarity and energy to complete them. Give yourself permission to let. it. all. go. just for a few moments and come back to your center within.
  4. Check in with your body. Feel. Notice the dominant emotion(s). Are you stressed, fearful, angry, joyful, sad, excited, etc.? Where in the body are you feeling this? Let the energy move through your body and breathe.
  5. Release judgement. Let whatever you are experiencing be okay. Even if you don’t like it-that’s okay- just let it be okay. You are safe to feel it all.
  6. Have compassion for yourself. We can find ourselves in extremely intense and/or contrasting states of being. Remember to have love and compassion for yourself. Talk to yourself like you would talk to your favorite person-with deep love and encouragement for what you are going through in this moment.
  7. FOCUS. Focus, focus, focus. Or as they say, focus pocus! Your focus is your greatest tool. For a moment, don’t be fooled by the illusions or distractions or thoughts or stories or fears. Focus on your presence and remember you are safe.

Remember, this is a practice. It is something you will get more masterful with the more you do it. As you experience the catalyzing aliveness it brings on, you will naturally want to tap in more.


Tuning in to our zero-point as often as possible is the key to our greatest love, wisdom, and power. It is the access point to our wholeness within God-Source and is key in intentionally creating the life we desire.

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