Regan Keely

Greetings beloved beings of near and far lands.
I always tend to write poems in threes, and I felt called to share them with you all.
Heart transmissions to nourish.
Hope they resonate with you in these ever accelerating times.
Much love.

Invoking the highest truth

Learning through
cycles of creation.

What a joy it is-
clarification processes of
heart’s true desires.

Wholeness, harmony, joy-
Blessings abound.
New stories to be told.

A story of a Being
far, far away
right here, right now.

I’ve crawled, I’ve climbed, I’ve walked, I’ve ran
only to arrive
right here, right now.

I am seeing new visions-
I tell you.

A new timeline, a new world.
Right here, right now.

It was not the outside that changed,
but the inside
that has transformed the entire picture.

My soul constantly tells me:

consciousness must precede
physical manifestation.

A wise man once said:
We hover…

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