They say mind over matter; I would go as far as to say matter IS mind.

In this article I wish to share a simple, yet profound exercise for raising your vibration and improving your daily life.

“Until one makes the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” -Carl Jung

New Breakthroughs in Medicine

It is a marvelous time of discovery in the field of medicine and science. While the conventional field of medicine may seem demoralizing, it is the innovative doctors releasing empowering and cutting-edge science that are truly transforming the way we understand not only health and illness, but our creative potential entirely.

It is no mystery that much of the mainstream medical field has been hijacked by vested interests and dominated by dogmas that are harmfully political. This is becoming more obvious as time goes on-however, we need not be bitter. For by turning our focus to the cutting-edge work of doctors such as Joe DispenzaBruce Lipton, and Jerry Tennant (just to name a few) the potentials for medicine have never been more bright. They are helping common people to do the uncommon. They are shining a light- both esoterically and scientifically- upon the body’s innate ability to heal itself as well as predictable formulas in how to achieve this. They are coming to find, and prove scientifically, how consciousness and vibration are at the root of our health. By understanding this and more importantly practicing uplifting exercises in our vibration we will empower ourselves more than ever before. Dispenza alone has countless testimonials of healing illnesses that conventional medicine has deemed incurable. His work has saved lives, healed diseases, and helped to create new possibilities for people.

This information is bound to come more and more to the surface of humanity, proving many deep truths about our ability to heal ourselves. I don’t believe it can be reported on enough at this time. The information is so vital, so empowering, and so meaningful that it is truly igniting a revolution in the hearts of a race that has fallen victim to needless illness and suffering for all too long.

The wisdom of healing is rooted in a spiritual nature-for it is almost always the result of trapped emotional/mental energy in the body that is resonating at a lower vibration. It is often subconscious programming we picked up along our journeys- i.e. traumatic experiences we have not healed from. This is a deep truth we have known for a while esoterically, but it is becoming more clear in a way that is scientifically observable in the many brain scans that Dispenza has measured throughout his years of practice. Furthermore, nothing can speak as much as the miraculous testimonies of real individuals.

In this article, I want to share a technique for raising your vibration that is very simple, yet is powerful enough to transform your life if practiced sincerely and consistently. It is one of the greatest techniques I have learned to transform my experience from feeling victimized to feeling truly unlimited.

Cultivating Elevated Emotions in the Present

There is a lot to be said about the importance of how you feel in each moment. Your emotions produce the quality of your overall experience. The mind functions in greater flow when you are feeling freedom, inspiration, or wholeness, for example. Elevated feeling naturally leads to more clarity in creativity and problem solving. Even biologically, you are sending signals to entire body based upon how you feel. This is why stress is truly the #1 killer. Being in survival mode (fear, anxiety, depression, resentment, guilt, etc.) for a prolonged period of time does a number on all of the body’s systems. Perhaps worst of all, when a highly stressful state is sustained long enough your body will become addicted to the stress hormones and begin to create a loop of negative thought forms and emotions that can be hard to break. Certainly, in this day and age, we have all experienced this to some degree.

All of these examples are interconnected as energy and vibration manifesting from our consciousness. Which brings me to the greatest point: our internal experience is extremely important to focus upon raising. In fact, in only raising the vibration of how we are feeling in each moment, we will naturally bring wholeness and coherence to all areas of our life.

In and of itself, this upgrade will obviously bring a greater reality to you internally. You will feel better, think better, produce better signals for you biology, make better decisions, practice more love in your life. But what is more is that it will also begin to attract higher experiences to your outwardly-as this is the universal law of attraction and vibration at play. We must cultivate a higher internal experience to create a higher external experience.

This is a biohack in which we can heal, change, and transform our lives from the inside out. Instead of being unwitting victims to the concoction of our environment and our subconscious programming (usually saturated with self-sabotaging programs), we can take back our free-will by becoming conscious creators of our destiny. I believe this is one of the most incredible journeys to embark upon-bringing deep healing, transformation, and wisdom in each step.

That being said-if we can learn to cultivate elevated emotions and thoughts within us independently of our external environment, we can begin to work some real alchemical miracles in our lives. We can begin to consciously decide to feel peace instead of fear, happiness instead of depression, good fortune instead of poverty, and so on. As we cultivate these emotional experiences within ourselves, they will naturally align for us in the material realm. This is a truth that is seen time and time again by those who decide to put in the consistent effort into themselves and their state of being(their vibration). Despite the programming society has conditioned in us, we ARE worthy of consistent effort and we can and will re-claim our creative sovereignty back from the illusions of helpless victimhood.

One could indeed write a whole book upon the importance of feeling coherent in each moment. Many have. Nonetheless, let us get to the exercise I mentioned at the beginning which is indeed the most important part. If you understand your thoughts/feelings create your reality but don’t practice raising your vibration, you’re not likely to experience the liberation that information has the potential to bring. It is your will to put the effort into your life through the practice.

A Living Meditation: Consciously Invoking Love into Your Field

As I said before-this is an incredibly simple practice. But it is often that the simplest things are the hardest. Since that seems to be true, if you find it hard or abstract to do this work, I encourage you to keep practicing as not only is the consistency the most important key, but like anything you will get much better at it every time you practice it. To reap the benefits of this, you will have to stick with it. Since most of us carry more burdens of stress than we realize, there is usually a process of clearing out old negative/static energy before truly entering a state of bliss. That being said, don’t let me define or project your experience. I simply wish to make the point: practice, practice, practice! Be encouraged! For it is worth it all and more.

The core of the practice is:
Become aware of your heart center.
Focus your awareness upon the heart (where your focus goes, your energy flows!) in your chest, imagining the space in which it resides.
As you breathe deeply through your heart, begin to cultivate an elevated emotion.
Begin thinking about an intention such as gratitude, peace, love, joy, freedom, inspiration, wholeness, abundance, compassion, etc. and allow yourself to FEEL it.
Focus on this elevated feeling within you as long as you feel comfortable.
Begin to expand your loving awareness beyond the heart into the energetic field around the heart.
Stay present with the elevated emotion-as it is extremely powerful.


  • The more you practice, the easier it will get to call up an emotion such as this and allow it to bless your current state of being, regardless of how stressed you may have been before focusing.
  • Once could take this further by trying this practice not just with the 4th Energy Center (Heart Chakra) but go through all energy centers, starting at the root and charging them and the space around them with this elevated emotion.
  • For visual types it can be helpful to also visualize the brilliant light you are invoking.
  • This meditation is not set in stone- feel free to get creative and play with it!


This practice is really helpful for starting off the day right, getting into a deep meditation, relaxing after a long day, getting into the creative zone, resolving issues in relationships, and so much more. While it is a meditation, it is something you can do while you’re driving to work or walking your dog. It is a matter of becoming aware of the present moment and consciously breathing elevated emotion into the sacred heart center until you feel whole. I practice it every morning and night, and make it a point to breathe love into my heart all throughout the day whenever it crosses my mind.

The results this has had for me personally is beyond words. It was a bit weird at first because I became aware of how often my emotions were fluctuating throughout the day, and how reactive my emotional state was to my outer environment. This was frustrating sometimes, but I was determined to persevere until I started feeling an opening in my heart unlike anything I’d ever experienced before- and that was just the beginning.

Since I’ve been practicing this everyday I have increased my heart and brain coherence greatly. It has been the key to unlock the door of the many things I’ve always had a lot of resistance with. I am able to make better health decisions much easier, I am able to pick up my guitar and start playing without getting blocked, I am able to overcome social anxiety/awkwardness, I am able to visualize and meet my goals with much greater clarity, and overall I attract completely new, unexpected opportunities into my life. Hence, why I wish to share this information, because such a simple hack like this in daily life has empowered me so much, and I am just getting started.

I wish the same for all of you in re-claiming your inner wholeness and free-will to create your own destiny-rather than being created by it.

Gratitude and love beyond words to you all~

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