Are you using your mind creatively or destructively?

Human beings are meant to be free. When you begin to look around at the shackles we have all been in- it makes one wonder, how is this possible? While there are many different and even correct answers, it is often helpful to break it down further and further to the root of where it is actually coming from. The most entrenching root of all our failing systems- from political, medical, educational, religious, and so on, is the use of mind control.

Breaking free of mind control is an essential journey for all those who wish to be free in this world. Eventually you come to find that to free yourself physically, you must be free spiritually: mentally and emotionally. Until then it is inevitable that you are subject to the manipulations of many things: other humans, fears, traumas, and most particularly, your own programming (mind control). We have been inundated with a strategic programming that keeps us focused on being disempowered and distracted with victim mentality, weakness, and division amongst others with different opinions (rather than recognizing the “common enemy”). The level of control that a programmed mind can exhibit knows no bounds- leaving those under it in a false nightmare-like simulation reaching Orwellian levels of doublespeak where up is down, “War is Peace”, and “Freedom is Slavery”. Survivors of declassified CIA Operation MK Ultra have shown in their testimonies how much manipulation and inversion of the mind through specific and repetitive abusive strategies can skew and fragment our natural, organic perception of our reality into something self-destructive and artificial. This inverted trauma-based perception makes us sick, and inevitably makes us easy to be controlled.

The programming of the human mind is clear, and we have all been subjected to it: the entertainment industry, the political system, the public education system, the media, the food industry, mainstream culture, and the list goes on to nearly every facet of external information that has been beaten upon us the moment we stepped into awareness.

Nonetheless, knowing is half the battle. For once you realize this you can now begin to end the constant self-sabotaging and self-victimizing mental dialogue that has been deemed “normal” and re-program your mind by your own Free Will to actually serve you in an empowered way. This is where the magic begins and we are able to reach new levels of creativity, freedom, abundance, and harmony.

The mind is an extremely powerful tool capable of creating ruthless nightmares of evil or beautiful dreams of joy and love. Our thoughts are constructive in nature- as we create our experience of life from the inside out. However, the simulation of this “matrix” has warped our senses into us creating our reality from the outside in by telling us who we are, what we are supposed to do,  what we can do, what we are capable of, what our history and origins are, etc.- almost all which have been engineered lies and deception in order to keep us in fear, controllable and weak. This is the “inversion” of who we really are organically, as healthy human beings are naturally creative and peaceful.

In this video I speak of my experience and techniques of re-claiming sovereignty and freedom on an inner level, starting with the mind which as been the most “hi-jacked” aspect of ourselves and is what is responsible for nearly all, if not all, our suffering. I discuss on a holistic level why and how the mind operates in order to keep us in fear and how we can begin to take it back under our own control and use it for creative solutions and success-both individually  and collectively alike.