As we evolve, we find that we are the Creators of our reality, as a great artist is the Creator of their masterpiece.
In this knowingness, no longer are we victims to anything unless we choose to be.

Creating From the Inside Out

This life is truly such an incredible journey of discovery and mastery, as we begin to turn inward towards our own mysterious and powerful consciousness.

We find that we actually create our entire reality from the inside out-and are constantly struck with new ideas of creation and expansion we want to experience (often in the form of contrast.. aka experiencing something we don’t want). That is why this journey of life is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

A multi-dimensional marathon- where we are being asked to work with time from a higher perspective where in fact time, or space, do not exist. In the present moment- aka the quantum/zero-point field of Presence.

As the saying goes: give a man to fish, feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. As I’ve experienced the “supernatural” abilities of the human potential to manifest reality I find that while giving resources to others is helpful, nothing could be more helpful than showing others that they actually have the ability to change their entire reality from the inside out for the highest good.

In this article I’d like to share with you the basic formula of creating reality from the inside out from my experience, as well as an exercise and tips to begin practicing this more in your reality for yourself!

This, my beloved friends, is how we make the unconscious conscious, free ourselves from bondage, and help to free all of humanity… which is why we are here!

“Without self knowledge, without understanding the working and functions of his machine, man cannot be free, he cannot govern himself and he will always remain a slave.” – G.I. Gurdjieff

Programming of the Mind

It should go without saying at this point that the reason many humans struggle and are unhappy with their reality is because we have been programmed since birth with trauma and self-sabotaging beliefs on all fronts. The most destructive ideas and lifestyles imaginable have been deeply instilled in the collective as “normal reality” and unconsciously lived out by many again and again on autopilot. Since we are not taught about the esoteric and universal laws of this reality, as well as fed all kinds of fearful perversions, distortions and lies about it, we cannot blame humanity for this mess. However, we must take responsibly for our own self is we ever wish to raise to new levels of consciousness.

“Waking up” is realizing that you are not limited to this limiting reality, there is no “normal”; and you actually have the free-will to choose a reality/life that may have never been before you thought of it and set out to create it. With this, comes the journey of self-discovery and self-mastery, inevitably, because you begin to find that your belief systems, thoughts, and emotions are not just important-they are your reality. Therefore- the more you are aware of these aspects of Self and cultivate them by your own conscious will- the more freedom you have in this masterpiece we call life. This is an ever-expanding process in which there is no dead-end, for awakened creator beings will always be on to new higher and holier creations as they evolve. Evolution is not always easy per se- but the work that is involved in creating your reality from the inside out is liberating and fun… even when it is challenging. For in this process you find that you need not physically force anything/struggle/assert physical effort to manifest… its all about conscious energetic cultivation and vibrational alignment.

“Stop giving other people the responsibility for the way you feel. It’s the only place you’re ever going to find freedom.” -Abraham Hicks

Physical Effort vs Vibrational Alignment

Let’s get quantum here. A Creator Being manifests their reality from the inside out. This means they innerstand the process of inner alchemy, transformation, and inspired action/intuition. Manifesting high and holy dreams from the inside out is indeed a very simple process that need not be overthought or overanalyzed by the “monkey-mind” intellect… for this kind of action can often throw off the manifestation due to its unnecessary complications, judgements, and fallacies.

In the past, we were “programmed” to believe that if you want something, you have to physically struggle for it or “work your way to the top”. The liberating part of inner creation is finding that is not necessary. When you learn to create from the inside out, it is a matter of vibrational alignment in every present moment. THAT is where the real work is.

“Can you accept the notion that once you change your internal state, you don’t need the external world to provide you with a reason to feel joy, gratitude, appreciation, or any other elevated emotion?” -Dr. Joe Dispenza

What is Vibrational Alignment?

Vibrational alignment is when your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions all are a coherent and clear match to your desire. When this is so, you are able to manifest incredible and even (from a logical perspective) the most unlikely blessings into your life without having to force anything. This is a very simple thing to do, and yet we live in a world where this has been made very complicated between our mostly unconscious addictions to disempowering/limiting beliefs about ourselves and repetitive self-sabotaging programmed behaviors. Again, this is the true work of creation: emotional healing and re-programming the mind to work FOR you, not against you.

That said, when it comes to creating your dream life of love and abundance, which is something we are all inherently worthy of, the greatest obstacle is easily the ego. The ego is an infantile aspect of the mind which in of itself is fine, but has been greatly distorted and amplified in this society/culture of madness for self-destruction. The ego is the aspect of the mind which will stop at nothing to control/conquer the occupier of the mind and so must be dealt with with much conscious awareness and compassion. The ego in this way is the main cause of suffering, for it is a lower-dimensional consciousness based in fear. It is the mind of “fight or flight” and keeping you physically safe-not the mind that is meant to control/define your destiny.

The ego is often the negative critical voice in your head telling you “you can’t do that”, “you don’t deserve that”, and other disempowering narratives/story lines that we can easily get sucked into believing if we are not very mindful and detached. The ego will always cling to victim-mentality and seek to dominate your consciousness if you are not operating from a higher observation of it. The key here is to observe your thoughts/emotions from a higher awareness, realizing that you are in fact not your mind but the observer of the mind. The other key is to be loving and gentle with yourself, and have compassion for all aspects of yourself- even the ego which seeks to keep you “safe” but simply doesn’t have the capacity of consciousness that your higher self does to manifest great new things into your reality. Mind-control is often most effective on the ego, greatly limiting your potential, so be mindful it doesn’t take over the wheel of your consciousness!

As I said before, we are creator beings and so creating our reality IS simple and natural. Now that I got the main roadblocks out of the way (limiting beliefs, unconscious thoughts, emotional baggage, ego) to be aware of when feeling “blocked”, lets get into the fun part: creation!

Alignment is a state of pure joy and love, at which you are in tune with Source energy.

How to Create from the Inside out

I’d like to preface this with there are many different techniques and ways to do this that may vary for each individual- to master the spiritual science of manifestation is to adopt a “mad scientist” aspect- for you will have to do lots of experimenting with your own consciousness, beliefs, emotions, and thoughts to discover how it works, or how it doesn’t work. As helpful as reading about the law of attraction can be, nothing can beat individual experience and observation.

As I said before, the biggest key is vibrational alignment-when your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions are all in harmony with your desire. When you can believe in it, know it, and feel it in mind and heart it will become physical. In other words, when you can CREATE the vision/idea of the desire in your mind, FEEL it in your heart before it physically happens, and TRUST that it will happen in a non-attached state. Allow me to break this down even more.

As Dr. Joe Dispenza as wisely noted, we are electromagnetic. Our thoughts are electric and our emotions are magnetic. What this means is that the thoughts create the idea/information, and the emotions that actually bring them towards us.

For many of us, the thinking/creating part of the desire is easy. We can pretty easily imagine the dream house we want, the freedom of our dream job, the security of financial abundance, etc. What can often be the “challenging” part is actually believing that we are capable/worthy of experiencing these things, and resonating a higher emotional frequency (such as gratitude, joy, excitement) to bring it towards us.

This is why this work transcends time. For the key here is to feel gratitude for the manifestation before it manifests. The vibration will always precede the physical manifestation. Again-this is our REAL work as creator beings, and why emotional healing and re-programming self-sabotaging beliefs into self-empowering beliefs is the most important work on the planet right now. The higher quality reality we can manifest for ourselves, the higher quality life we can begin to directly and indirectly help others to live too, by having more to give.

As you have seen, this process of creation then not only involves power and will, but also FAITH. Though faith has often been mocked in the past, it can actually be incredibly challenging to have. Faith is a superpower that when cultivated will easily knock down all blockages. There is a high power in pure trust in your self and the divine intelligent universe you live in. That leads me to my last point, which is that letting go of attachment and trusting is the final component of creating from the inside out.

Let go or be dragged. -Buddhist Proverb

Having Faith

To reiterate, the formula for creation is thinking/visualizing the desire, feeling gratitude and excitement for its happening (before it happens), and then letting go and trusting. It really is that simple and uncomplicated!

For many of us, the letting go is actually the hardest part. This is where ego tends to flex, for it wants to force, attach, and control and create from outside in. Attachments to said desires must be let go of completely to manifest them from the inside out, for attachments often serve as “anchors” in illusions or deep-seated doubts/traumas. We don’t manifest what we “want”, we manifest what we VIBRATE at. That is why to attract what you want you must get into vibrational alignment-much like tuning in a radio at a specific station.

When we truly understand we are creator beings, there is no room for doubt. That is part of our evolution. We know that when we want to create more abundance, more love, more fun, more beauty in our life, as soon as we think it, it is already done in the quantum field. As we keep feeling into it, we are tuning into it and bringing it towards our physical reality.

In the quantum field/zero-point field/eternal now moment, all possible timelines/realities/potentials exist simultaneously at once, now. This is the power of being an awakened multi-dimensional being. To manifest reality we must know and recognize our own power in the present moment. For if we don’t believe, let alone know, in our ability to create realities, we unconsciously create a reality where we don’t consciously create and get sucked into the material illusions of maya, where we become unwitting victims to our environment once more. Again, the unconscious programming we have received through the mind-control of our outer world has been extremely devastating to our psychic abilities. However, this is the process in which we gain those abilities back and appreciate them more than ever, as well as learn indispensable lessons. This is part of the imperative process of making the unconscious conscious in our human evolution.

Do you identify with negative thought forms/voices in your mind?

Exercise for Manifestation

If you are a beginner to the law of attraction, let me give you an example by which you can begin to experiment with this information more clearly. Like anything, knowing is only half the battle and accomplishes little if you don’t actually practice and integrate this information into your reality consistently.

Think of a loving desire that is on your heart right now. It could be a healthy relationship, a beautiful home, a fun job, more financial abundance, a vacation, a new skill, etc. Pick just one for now, and begin to visualize it.

Envision it

As an example, an exotic trip to Costa Rica. Begin to paint the picture in your head clearly as you can with questions like: What does it look like? What does it smell like? What are you doing here? What are you feeling? What are you eating? You can get as specific as possible.

So in this example you might begin to see yourself on the beach next to some palm trees, smelling the fresh and salty ocean air, seeing a vibrant tropical landscape, eating fresh mangoes and sipping out of coconuts with your favorite person feeling totally at peace with the world. This is the “electrical” aspect of quantum creation.

Feel it

You want to get clear on what this creation will look like as part of your initial fine tuning and have fun with it. When it is clear, really begin to put yourself in that scene emotionally. Practice cultivating the emotions you’d feel- i.e. happiness, warmth, peace, freedom, love, excitement, adventure. Gratitude for this experience and having created it.

Remember- this is the magnetic aspect– the higher and more powerfully you can tap into these emotional vibrations, the smoother and faster this creation will physically manifest. Again, it’s not about feeling the wanting, its about feeling the knowing that it is and will be… two different vibrational broadcasts. It helps to also remember that the reason you want to create this in the first place is to experience such a state of love and joy-not just for the physical manifestation itself. You must feel this manifestation towards you, and the necessary “steps” to get there will come to you without having to physically effort or struggle. The needed actions will just become clear to you as you follow your internal guidance system of what feels “right” and what doesn’t. As crazy as this may sound I have lived it out countless times and this is what I mean by inspired action vs forced action.

It is also worth mentioning that if you currently find yourself in “lower” emotional states-feeling fear, lack, depression, anxiety, guilt, etc. that it may take a little more time to cultivate these higher states, but if you stay consistent in this practice everyday sincerely I guarantee you will begin to cultivate these higher states, and it will be the best thing you ever did for yourself. Be patient and gentle with yourself, as in the process of creation you will be asked to do a lot of introspection, healing, forgiving of the self, letting go, dying/being reborn, and transforming. Again, that is the most beautiful part of this whole process and that is our true work of growth.

Letting Go

Lastly- I daresay the most important step of them all-let go of attachments to fear/doubt/control and trust it is coming. Now that you’ve created, intended, and aligned with this desire, it is time to let go and ALLOW it to come. In this work, we find that sometimes letting go, trusting, and allowing can be the hardest part because we are so trained to try to force and cling to things from the ego. This is why I saw early on to be very aware of the ego, which will often be that voice telling you that you can’t create or aren’t worthy/capable of your dreams, try to blame others for your own blocks, and will have plenty of “reasons” of why. You must be brave and bold enough to remind yourself again and again these disempowering thoughts are illusions and take responsibility for these limiting thoughts without beating yourself up. Radical self-responsibility is necessary to be a powerful creator, as you are never a victim when you really innerstand your right as a Sovereign entity with free-will. In your own experimenting, you will quickly find that when you cling to anything you are acting out of fear, which will create resistance and prolong your manifestation as long as it takes for you to become conscious enough to face and resolve this fear to move to the next step of evolution.

We have long lived in a time where the ego felt it needed to control everything about our reality, but as we evolve we will come to find that the ego was never really in control, and the more the ego can surrender to what is, the more we can remain in a flow state through the “positives” and “negatives” of our reality, and the more we can create effortlessly in every now moment the life we choose to create as Sovereign Conscious Creator Beings.

Creating the vision, aligning with it emotionally, and trusting in yourself is the formula for inner creation. IT is simple, and yet when we are faced with our own deep-seated self-sabotaging beliefs/unconscious programs it can seem like the hardest thing in the world. Again, this is part of evolution and I promise that if you come at this practice consistently, you will master it. Be kind with yourself and remember that you are worthy and capable of your dream life. The more you can let go of the past and future and step into the eternal NOW moment, you can truly harness your infinite creative potential.


It’s a huge game-changer in life when you remember how much power you have through higher awareness and elevated states of consciousness, which is truly key in creating your greatest experience of your reality. Instead of physically struggling and forcing things to happen, you can literally tune into things from a multi-dimensional awareness and bring them towards you. As you practice this, you will get “inspired impulses” that will guide you to act on things that will bring said desires to you with much grace and flow.

“Write your own story and trust the universe to deliver.”
-Abraham Hicks

Additional Tips

Have fun with it! This universe is much more playful than people realize, and the less serious/dramatic/attached you are about things, often the easier things will manifest for you. Remember to take yourself sincerely, but not too seriously, and have big fun stepping into your creatorhood.

Creating from the inside out doesn’t mean not taking any action; rather it means making sure you frequency aligns with what you’re creating, so that you will be guided on what/how/when to act by following your intuition/inspiration rather than trying to go “upstream” by forcing unaligned actions that don’t feel right

You will know when doubt/fear arises when there is “resistance” to your energetic momentum. This isn’t something you need to beat yourself up about at all, just something to be aware of when it arises and recognize that aspect of yourself which needs love/healing/soothing/transmutation. Simple.

Creating a desire is like planting a seed. There is a “gestation process” of physical time between when you first think of the idea and when it manifests physically. Being patient is a way of having faith it is coming in divine timing.

It is extremely valuable to learn to enjoy the process and not focus on the destination. The fulfillment of every desire born out of love is meant to guide you through other lessons/revelations of Self along the way. When you embody this truth, resistance will dissolve easily.

Your desires are desired not because of the physical manifestation, but of the perceived energetic state they would put you in. In other words, you don’t want $100,000 for the sake of hoarding money, you want it because of the experience of security, abundance, freedom, and fun that it would have. Remembering its all about vibration/consciousness helps us to focus on the vibration and not get stuck/discouraged on the slower physical hologram.

If you find yourself feeling “stuck”, ask yourself if you are focusing too much on the physical realm or linear time, both of which are illusions if you remember the true eternal multi-dimensional Creator Being you are.

A minimum of 15 minutes of meditation a day is extremely helpful for all aspects of life, including healing and creation

-Keeping a journal, scripting (writing down your dream life as if it already happened physically), visualization, and affirmations are also powerful tools

-The greatest tool for creation is GRATITUDE. Being grateful for all you have in each moment is a surefire way to attract abundance of all kinds to you. Cultivating gratitude is the easiest way to begin to raise your emotional vibration, and eventually raise it into ever higher ones such as joy, freedom, wholeness, and bliss.

Contrast (experiencing what you don’t want) will continue to arise no matter how good you get at creating your reality. Often, our initial reaction to contrast is to be discouraged/angry/doubtful but as we continue to witness and embody our creatorhood, we find that contrast is actually a blessing. Contrast only exists in this reality to help us tune our emotional guidance system and refine to infinitely higher and deeper levels of what we want to experience. Sometimes to know what you want you must know what you don’t want.

When you are thriving and full of life-force energy from your loving creations, you are most able to help others to unlock their highest potential. As each individual awakens to this capacity and empowerment within themselves, we will see the collective of humanity shift, evolve, and thrive unlike ever before. Therefore, this is some of the highest work you can do for yourself and for all.

The biggest conspiracy of all is that God exists! “God is like a man trying to hide behind the bushes but clears his throat, giving himself away” -Meister Eckhart

Thanks for reading, I hope this was helpful and you all have a most blessed day!

Do you remember the real reason you incarnated?

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