I can nearly feel it in the air.
A fleeting glimpse
of revolution.
Involution, rather
A whole new way of thinking:
a sum of voluntary exchanges
competing with
a division of force and violence.
The State
massive and toppling as it may be,
is indeed toppling.
A beast that takes new blows from many different angles,
adding to its own problems and tangles.
A new competition appears for the first time:
an interconnected network of information
brings with it a new paradigm.

One, at this point in history, can only wonder
if this beast of death and crippling plunder
yet recognizes its inevitable defeat
as the process of decentralization takes feet.
I would imagine it quite hard to grasp,
when your century old globalization plan is now of the past.
The people, after long days of idle slumber
finally poke their head up in great numbers.
To watch an awakening, as wild as it may be
the back and forths are quite revealing to see.
This era of time is truly a wonder to unfurl,
to hold back the curtain, and create a new world.