the path of the collective

where am i?what are my origins?these counterpart of me-my brothers and sisters…how do they intersect with my work?we are all I. there is much work to do.the path of the collectiveseems as brutal and endlessas the individual Self. infinite fractals in higher dimensions;in this way, the material mirrors the astral.but higher dimensional fractaling anomaliesareintense. i must … Continue reading the path of the collective


I wrote this while I was in Brazil studying the doctrine and sacrament of the Holy Santo Daime- age 21, totally blown away by the mystery and love of this experience~ Part I where am i to go now?i have glimpsed the interfaceof the divine. i have livedin this mortal shellthe eternal and the higher. … Continue reading God


It is always dropping hints to the observant.The interface of the inner and outer~ For I amGod rememberinghimself humbly, in this vesselthat is I. Under a spell, in a simulation,living out this existencelike a grand pieceof multidimensional art. Meanings branching out of meaning,all of which I create.My creations invoke ripplesin this one schemeof Being. Why now, I … Continue reading remembering

dissolving illusions

There is nothing likekicking down a material wallthat you built yourselflong ago. How simple it truly is.Now, you have access to the void.Now,you float through spacequite untethered. Fractals of illusionsare enough to excite youfor infinity.


I shall never be confinedby the cultural limitsof love. Love is not possessiveLove does not hurryLove permeatesthe connectionsof those who lookand see Themselves. Love is unconditionaland cannot be definedor refinedfor long. Love isBeing with.


Manifesting in the realm of here;a radical way of operating with no fear.Tune in with a Source that permeatesall that creates.You will find that realityis simply an illusionand its malleabilitygives us infusionof powerful ascensionto higher dimensions.

Subtle Shifts

The so-called curseof curiositycauses me to seesubtle shiftsin my energy. Drawing connectionssome of this dimension,others of a muchdifferent interface. We are the pioneers;we are the explorersof new worlds. We face bravelyrealms that are seldom seenin everyday life. The possibilities that awaitare truly endless.I see a day when we are no longerconfined to the third dimension. … Continue reading Subtle Shifts

the sun.

another day another excessive coffee binge of trying to reach the heights I feel in the distance. nature insists: let it happen. yet, my excitement is hot coals and lavender fields. always living paradoxically, you think I’d be used to it.

Don’t worry

You will never see it comingwhen it happens. The nature of lifeis vibrating andalways changing. When it happens(whatever it is)remember tostand amazedat the vast spectrumof hard truthsto be experiencedin one life. When it happensbe prepared to lay onhot coals and fields of lavendersimultaneously.Moving through timewe experiencerelentless oscillation:life. I have yet to see what has been … Continue reading Don’t worry